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App for modelling
« on: January 12, 2013, 03:26:59 AM »
Something I was just made aware of on another forum:  an iPhone/iPad App for modelling:

The colour charts contains samples of just about every brand of paint known, clicking on a paint will give you info about it (what size pots etc) but will also give you matches to other brands with colour samples. The app gives you a mixing pot will allow you to mix paint brands and get a colour sample. You can also take a photo of an object and convert that into a colour sample that will even give you an brand equivalent! Paint mixes can be saved for later.

It also has a scale conversion calculator. Also included is a tool that will give info about different brands of plastic for those who like to scratch build.

A note pad is also included ...for shopping lists. Great for those trips to the hobby shop.

You can get it for free with ads (unnoticeable after a while and no popups) or pay for an ad free version. Both work the same.
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