Author Topic: SketchUp 3D Model - Tjeld (Nasty Class PTF) Wheel house WIP  (Read 2713 times)

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SketchUp 3D Model - Tjeld (Nasty Class PTF) Wheel house WIP
« on: October 26, 2012, 11:06:30 AM »
While I had the telephone and internet service outage I managed to spend some time on my favourite boat project, the Nasty Class PTF.  So far I have learned that general arrangement drawings are about as useful as an ingrown hair.  While the dimensional details are usually fairly close to spec, I can not say the same for the drawings.  The original source for these general arrangement drawings was the United States Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command or NAVSEA so you would expect a certain level of accuracy but that is not the case.  Aside from that little wrinkle it has been quite fun to get reacquainted with this boat.

Some items within the model are also individual models that I created to support this project.  In particular, the compass was created with an image of a compass inserted as a skin and the domed portion of this was made transparent.  The throttle quadrant was also turned into a 3D model as was the ships wheel complete with the little sticky out thing to assist the helmsman in steering the boat in the proper direction. 

The attached images are screen captures that were then pasted into MS Paint and cropped to remove the rest of the monitor and page display and to add a note on when the image was created.  Enjoy :)
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Re: SketchUp 3D Model - Tjeld (Nasty Class PTF) Wheel house WIP
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