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Poll for RNZAF Decal Options - split off from Richard's profiles thread.

Note that I have kept all the original votes.



Hi guys, a bit of a break in uploading all of my old stuff. Today you are the first to see the beginnings of my next decal sheet release. The sheet will be a mix of 'real world' and 'what if'. It will be for RNZAF A-4K/TA-4K Skyhawks. The 'real world' element will have them as they were on their very last day in the RNZAF, and by contrast the 'what if' element will have the future development of the A-4K/TA-4K in the NZAF on into the future prior to and inclusive of their follow on fighter.

The all green scheme has gone. This was because like most Air Forces of the day, they need a camouflage scheme that will best suit all environments, terrains and countries. Grays were picked as the best compromise. The Skyhawks have also been updated to be able to handle all of the latest developments in weaponry. You'll notice a GPS dome behind the cockpit for example. The A-4K+ and TA-4K+ Kahu's are capable of using all the various weapons of the ANZUS alliance and NATO forces.

Now, as you read this YOU are a member of the New Zealand Air Force and your job is to help decide what scheme(s) will suit the camouflage needs of your Fighter Wing on into the future. Currently several different grey combinations are being trialed and as an 'air fighter camouflage and concealment expert' it is your job to advise what scheme(s) to use!

Remember the main factor here is to HAVE FUN and think in terms of a model that you'd like to build and decal with THAT camouflage/markings scheme on it. (keep in mind that you could also use the same decals for any of the current fighter aircraft too!)

So far I've only done No.2 Squadron TA-4K+'s. I'm currently working on No.75 Squadron A-4K+ Kahu's but was curious as to what you guys thought, which may or may not influence me as I go forward with additional schemes/markings developments. I've numbered them 1 to 10 and will create a poll so you can vote on your favorites.














Decisions, decisions...

Some really nice looks there Richard.



1-Want decals now!  ;)
2-Love all the schemes, voting was tough
3-(and this is my very humble opinion) not a big fan of Kiwi only for national markings. I like my roundels!  However, that will not be a deal breaker in buying your next sheets, Richard! :D


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