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« on: April 05, 2023, 11:27:56 PM »
Greenstrawberry are a (mostly) resin detail & figure producer for Sci Fi subjects out of the Czech Republic (Czechia).

Here's a link to their site:

They've just released a series of original series Lost in Space figures in 1/35 for anyone interested;

[They show a base with the sleeper/cryo tubes with this set but it isn't clear if the base is part of it.]

I have a couple of their RUR (Reconn. Unit Robot) figures & they are excellent! (Note to self: I really must finish the diorama they're for!)
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Re: Greenstrawberry
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Doctor Smith should have been spaced at the first opportunity available.   >:D 

I picked up some of the Green Strawberry drone kits last year from an eStore that had the things available at a marked down price.  Cheap enough to warrant taking a chance and I was not disappointed with what I got.  While the propellers for the drone are PE and two-blades only I discovered that I could replace them with 1:700 PE submarine multi-blade propellers as the diameter was almost identical.  These replacement propellers were also on sale at the same place so it was a Win-Win for me!  :smiley:

(Image source: GreenStrawberry > Resin Kits > Quadrocopter Drone Spy)

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