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Sabre Kits
« on: March 17, 2023, 03:40:19 AM »
Hi all,
One of my fellow moderators at the WW1AircraftModels forum posted this exciting news:
New info from Sabre Kits -

"From our 3D printing - we are preparing for the second half of the year for KP/AZ Avro 504K 1/72, construction CAD Mr. M. Turjak"

Here's some pics - looks like it should be a nice release.

202303416 Sabrekits 1-72 Avro 504K via FB 01 by Zac Yates, on Flickr
202303416 Sabrekits 1-72 Avro 504K via FB 02 by Zac Yates, on Flickr
202303416 Sabrekits 1-72 Avro 504K via FB 03 by Zac Yates, on Flickr

I presume from the description that perhaps this is the master that will be used for moulds by KP or AZ?

What fantastic news for British and Commonwealth modellers! I for one am hoping it is to be a KP/AZ release for cost reasons as the recent 3D-printed 1/72 Airco DH.6 kit by Hobartville Hobbies goes for A$65 (it is a very pretty kit, however).
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Sabre Kits
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