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Rejigging the GB Calendar...followup questions


Ok folks, following on from the result od the poll here, here are some follow up questions based of the result that people seemingly like the proposed changes to timings but would also like some reconsideration of the planned GBs.  For reference, here are the currently proposed re-jigged GB Calendar:

* In the Service of Her Majesty GB Mid SEP- Mid DEC 2022
* "Automatons on Parade"  Unmanned/autonomous vehicles GB:  JAN-MAR 2023
* "From the Sea" Amphibious GB:  MAY-JUL 2023 
* Ancient empires still alive GB:  SEP-NOV 2023
The questions listed will hopefully help refine what your thinking is.  If need be please also add comments to elaborate.  For instance, if you want the topics reconsidered, please list proposed topics or similar.

Only 4 votes so far?

Iím not going to enter anything soon so keep it as is is fine with me. Of course if I think of an amphibian that could change.


--- Quote from: GTX_Admin on September 23, 2022, 02:20:37 AM ---Only 4 votes so far?

--- End quote ---

Up to a grand total of 6???

So the merger as they were...are in.  We will go with the proposed re-jigged GB Calendar as shown so no further changes.


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