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Guys,  Carl recently brought this up (yes, he does do more than just bad jokes and argue the virtues of pineapple on pizzas):

--- Quote from: The Big Gimper on October 06, 2021, 12:12:22 AM ---Yo peeps! I just had the brain fart that it will be 10 years ago this coming December 11th that BTS was formed.   :-*  :icon_beer: :D

So I was wondering if there will any formal forum activities around this?  This may include some sucking up to OGL.

One suggestion is a 10 month long group build based on the number 10.

Your build must have a minimum of 10 of something. IE 10 guns, wheels, wings, windows, people (10 bodies or one body with 10 limbs), tracks (not links  :icon_punal:), turrets, bombs, shells, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, engines, propellers, smoke stacks, antennas, cargo items, rolls of toilet paper etc. Extra credit for the builds which have multiples of 10.

It would start this December 11th. I'd be willing do donate a prize to a winner. There should be at least 10 winners.


--- End quote ---

This is one idea.  We're keen to hear others.

start it on December 10th not the 11th!

Good one Carl  :smiley:   I love this GB suggestion almost as much as pineapple on pizza  :-*

Me too :   almost as much as pineapple on pizza  :-*

The Big Gimper:

--- Quote from: Frank3k on October 29, 2021, 04:17:20 AM ---start it on December 10th not the 11th!

--- End quote ---

Good catch Frank! You get 10 of out of 10.

How about it starts at 10:10:10 on December 10th UTC?


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