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Aero-space / Re: F-104 Starfighter Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by ChernayaAkula on Today at 06:51:02 AM »
Sharkmouth looks really good on the 104! 8)

Loving the camo'ed missile rails, too.  :-*
New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Kotare Models (New Zealand)
« Last post by KiwiZac on Today at 03:52:28 AM »
A Britmodeller member has shared a very in-depth inbox preview of the kit here.

Ongoing for weeks before the aforementioned March 6, 2023 Joint Chiefs Of Staff (JCS) meeting in Pentagon Basement Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility 3 OPOM Pentagon staff had been preparing minutely detailed plans for organizing & financing the logistics of contacting, transporting, assembling for orientational briefings relatives of Hirano Ryoji, Richard & Norma Pfyffer, Carl Wiederkehr prior to their paranormal reappearances on March 26, 2023. With respect to Lulu Knochenmus’ & Oswell Lasker’s on April 1st only Mountain Home Site 29-A Air & Ground Paranormal Objects Management Center (AGPOM) Commander Colonel Lothar Aelbehrt Knochenmus PhD & JCS Member Admiral Henry Oswell Lasker would be present to “receive” them respectively at Sandberg’s Summit Hotel & Lebec Lodge. Given the umbrella code name American Reunions 2023 by OPOM for all “scheduled” repatriations of US citizens from the sub-atomic realm during that calendar year, the first Operation Grapevine Canyon were to be on March 26th followed by Operation Sandberg’s Summit & Operation Lebec respectively for Lulu Knochenmus’ & Oswell Lasker’s on April 1st.

Assigned responsibility for executing these operations OPOM Commander US Space Force Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong an acknowledged master of “get it done yesterday” logistics organization also was an astute judge of military personnel character. Her long-time friend, colleague & mentor along with JCS Chair Marine Corps General James Mitchell Harrissey III Colonel Knochenmus despite emotional softness was steel-willed when came to making at times ruthless decisions carrying out logistical operations for high-risk combat missions, asked by her to manage the materials procurements of the operations she personally would procure the personnel for them.

A sensitive woman when came to “managing” people’s emotions despite her stern demeanor Acheampong knowing how extraordinary difficult it was going to be for Hirano Ryoji, Richard & Norma Pfyffer, Carl Wiederkehr - "The Grapevine Canyon Four" - reuniting with their relatives decades apart from when they’d disappeared in 1931 & 1959 tacitly understood she’d needed independently-minded anthropological, psychological & sociological specialists who’d could work with them second they’d reappeared from the sub-atomic realm on March 26, 2023. Most impressed with the professionalism of Air Force Medical Service Major Doctor Edward Sung & Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan during the medical & psychological evaluations of military personnel & Meeson family members at Jason & Mildred Meeson’s farmhouse on February 8th she’d arranged though JCS Air Force Member General Gabriel (“Gabby”) Orlando Pederson for them to be assigned to her for Operation Grapevine Canyon. Also having worked for Gabby Orlando as he’d liked to be called by friends & associates whilst working at Air Force Material Command Acheampong had no trouble procuring them & experienced staff for the operation, problematic was finding anthropological & sociological specialists knowledgeable of late 19th Century to 1950s California culture & societal mores they being of critical importance for seamlessly integrating The Grapevine Canyon Four into 2020’s California culture & societal mores confused & shockingly libertine as it would be for them quickly as possible.

Understanding she’d have to look outside the US military for anthropologists versed in 20th Century American culture first person she’d asked for help was California Institute Of Technology PhD Colonel Knochenmus. Knowing the University Of California Los Angeles’s (UCLA’s) Department Of Anthropology was amongst the world’s leading morning after the March 6th JCS Meeting he’d conducted discreet inquiries whether any professors there were he discovering two PhDs: Annette Leia Halverson & Wanda Megan Pulaski both tenured professors & highly regarded in their respective anthropologic fields.

Retired from teaching since 2000 Dr Halverson age 82 had extensive experience conducting anthropologic research with California residents particularly those born in the 19th Century many of whom she’d personally knew as a child & young adult. Still teaching at UCLA Dr. Pulaski age 76 did as well, her particular anthropologic interest: WWII interred Japanese citizens number of whom Hirano Ryoji’s age handful of which WWI veterans as he’d been. Very fit women for their ages both had known each other for decades & collaborated on numerous Western USA anthropological research projects, fortunately for Knochenmus both knew top-flight UCLA, University Of California Berkeley (“Cal Berkeley”), University Of Southern California & Stanford University sociologists who like them could pass Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) & US Department Of Defense security background checks, Dr. Halverson herself having held security clearances as a US Army Reserve Human Intelligence lieutenant during the late 1960s she being amongst the first women the US military specializing in it.

Requesting & gaining permissions from Acheampong to personally contact these ladies Knochenmus learned both lived within the Long Beach-Northwestern Orange County Metropolitan Area, Dr. Halverson in East Long Beach, Dr. Pulaski in Cypress, looking up their telephone numbers at 10:15 am. Pacific Time Wednesday, March 8th he’d contacted Dr. Halverson, “getting to the nub” why he’d called Knochemus was frank;

“Dr. Halverson, I am Colonel Lothar Knochenmus PhD speaking to you from The Pentagon. I can if you wish authenticate who I am but knowing you’d served in the US Army doing Human Intel you’d  understand I’d not call you unless it was of military importance!”

Asking her if she’d read & heard news accounts of the “Mefford airplanes” last November she’d said yes forthwith asking him if his call had something to do with them;

“Yes indeed Doctor, profoundly so! I know you’d held security clearances so I can trust you in confidence but what we need is your anthropological knowledge of post WWI California culture & mores. I also need your help enlisting sociologists who’d worked with California residents born after 1890 & before WWII, can’t say why now but it you can please try to find them soon as possible!”

Saying she’d try to find them Knockenmus then gave her his military smartphone telephone number to immediately contact him if she had well as saying she’d get back with her that evening for making arrangements to fly her in a military VIP transport to Joint Base Andrews Maryland & helicopter direct to The Pentagon;

“The US Government will pay for everything associated with you coming to The Pentagon. We trust you’ll only need to be there for a day so we can explain why you’re needed but you will be asked to ‘volunteer’ your anthropological expertise over the course of weeks if not months. The US Government of course will pay for everything associated with ‘volunteering’ it, meantime I ask you keep this conversation in confidence. If the sociologists you’d contacted ask why & what for tell them it’s extremely important they’d give you their telephone numbers for me to contact them directly. You may use my name & military rank but please tell them not to talk with anybody regarding my wanting to contact them!”

Ending the conversation with polite expressions of gratitude having listened to him Knochenmus then called Dr. Pulaski repeating the same message but adding her anthropological knowledge & expertise was sorely needed working with WWII interred Japanese citizens especially those who were WWI veterans;

“We know you’ve got lots of questions why Doctor but trust me we need your knowledge & expertise working with these US citizens, why so will be made clear once you’re here with us in The Pentagon, trust me on that!”

Saying she’d come to The Pentagon well as help finding sociologists experienced working with Japanese-Americans born after 1890 up till WWII Dr. Pulaski said she’d needed to get permission from the Dean Of The UCLA Department Of Anthropology to go on leave for whatever the US Government needed her for, replying he’d personally contact her (i.e. the Dean) Knochenmus said he’d gain it no matter what;

“I well know how college administrative politics work like you Doctor, trust me she’ll ‘gladly’ grant it (the leave) for however long you’ll be needed by us!”

Now on the way towards securing theirs professional assistance Knochenmus also needed Acheampong’s assistance contacting Joseph Itō Hirano, Louise Hirano Iwamura, Charles Mark Pfyffer, Karen Jean Saltzman, Dolores Annette Russo, Richard Edmund Pfyffer, Roberta Joan Stuessie, Logan Lamont Widenker well as their sons & daughters to determine how many could be present for The Grapevine Four’s paranormal reappearances on March 26th. Contacting them via telephone or Internet was deemed too impersonal, using FBI agents, Federal Marshalls US Government civilian law enforcement officers too intimidating, using military & non-law enforcement civilian US Government personal though also intimidating lent gravity in being asked by the US Government to receive long thought dead relatives & parents, recalling what the Secretary Of The Department Of Defense had told her inside SCIF 25 on March 1st that;

“The paranormal reappearances of ‘these people’ isn’t a national security matter but a humanitarian one folks. It’s also a diplomatic one despite what ‘someone’ in here having said earlier today (i.e. Colonel Knochenmus) that the State Department wouldn’t be of any good conducting 'sub-atomic diplomacy’, I respectfully disagree of course! Diplomacy IS the State Department’s job no matter with nation-states, extraterrestrials or sub-atomic life, let’s keep that in mind hereon, agreed?!”

Acheampong requested JSC Chair General Harrissey III’s to ask the Secretary Of State (SOS) to dispatch liaisons to OPOM Pentagon to work with military personnel contacting them well as have diplomats present for Lulu Knochenmus’ & Oswell Lasker’s April 1st appearances as they’d be passing on important scientific information regarding the physics & nature of the sub-atomic realm to the US Government the SOS agreeing to do so despite not at all knowing whether Lulu and/or Oswell carried diplomatic portfolios from any sub-atomic realm governing body, indeed they would as will be discussed later!

Personally having seen some of the Meeson Farms 2-2-2T Locomotive IM-binary signaling intelligence in OPOM Pentagon SCIF 25 on February 13th, great deal more of it during the JCS meeting March 6th in Pentagon Basement SCIF 1 late afternoon March 8th the SOS forwarded a number of Foreign Service Officer candidate qualification resumes to Acheampong for her to decide which ones would be assigned to OPOM to work with military personnel contacting & persuading children & relatives of The Grapevine Canyon Four to be present for their paranormal reappearances on March 26th in Grapevine Canyon. Spending several hours reading through all 57 of them she’d selected 7 with extensive hands-on experience practicing interpersonal persuasive negotiations with disbelieving persons & tribal entities lacking centralized governance, latter the closest paradigm for engaging in diplomatic relations with sentient sub-atomic life.

Meantime to Acheampong’s Foreign Service Officer resume readings Knochenmus evening of March 8th Pacific Time telephoned Drs. Halverson & Pulaski asking if they’d contacted the sociologists, together saying they had telephone numbers for four of them, all PhDs one each teaching at UCLA, Cal Berkeley, University Of Southern California & Stanford University, the one from “Cal” (Cal Berkeley) having practical experience reuniting persons long out of touch with family members, gratefully thanking each he'd told them he’d call back morning of the 9th telling them when they were to be in The Pentagon. Forthwith telephoning the four sociologists Knochenmus successfully persuaded all of them to be with Drs. Halverson & Pulaski in The Pentagon saying he’d call them morning of the 9th telling them when they were to be there as well.

Acheampong & Knochenmus now having successfully procured the key military, State Department Foreign Service & civilian personnel necessary for executing the “humanitarian part” Operation Grapevine Canyon all now would be contacted on March 10th & transportation arranged for them to be present in Pentagon SCIF 1 at 9:00 a.m. March 11 Eastern Time to attend the kick-off briefing for it. Meantime to this Knochenmus also on the 10th would commence the “support personnel & materials” part of the operation, organizing it entailed having to work with a plethora of Federal, California State & County government agencies well as private landowners some of whom not happy that The Grapevine Canyon Four’s reappearances from the sub-atomic realm would cause them considerable political, personal, material & financial grief, more about that next!

...To Be Continued...
Aero-space / Re: Mirage 2000/3000/4000 Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 02:08:08 AM »
Profiles and Pixels / Re: Apophenia's Offerings
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 01:55:06 AM »
Aero-space / Re: Mirage 2000/3000/4000 Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by ysi_maniac on Today at 01:15:59 AM »
Mirage 4000 Nouvelle Generation (New Generation)

Mirage 4000 Nuclear attack

Profiles and Pixels / Re: ysi_maniac's drawings
« Last post by ysi_maniac on Today at 01:08:12 AM »
Mirage 4000 Nouvelle Generation (New Generation)

Mirage 4000 Nuclear attack

Land / Re: Centurion AA (Rapier) - Done
« Last post by LemonJello on Yesterday at 08:21:13 PM »
Awesome from start to finish!
Profiles and Pixels / Re: Apophenia's Offerings
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 05:35:47 PM »
The Bloch is good & would fit within the propaganda framework of "American pilots flying French planes as their fathers did in the Great War".
Profiles and Pixels / Re: Apophenia's Offerings
« Last post by Sport25ing on Yesterday at 05:32:01 PM »
nice looking aircraft :D
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