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Finished Entries (profiles)
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Title says all.

Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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Here are my two entries.

Grumman P-65F (BTO) Tigercat FSAAF by mtpalmer1, on Flickr

Vickers Windsor B.II RAF Tiger Force 635 Sqn by mtpalmer1, on Flickr

Please click on the pics to go to Flickr. Once there, right-click the image to get different size options. Go for one of the "Large" options to see them properly! Build thread here:

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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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Heston Adder jet fighter

Prototype (1945!)

Danish (1947)

Lithuanian (1949)

Blackadder night fighters (RAF 1949, Éire 1950)

My "Build Thread" contains 4-view pictures showing side view in flight, top view, front view, and side view on the ground. Also, there is some backround information, a handful of WIP pictures, and a few paragraph about each variant of the aircraft.

Larger versions of the images can be downloaded from my DeviantArt Gallery.

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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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and mine: Supermavilland
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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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Hope there isn't a limit on entries. I really like this premise!

Gloster Grampus NF.1A RN by mtpalmer1, on Flickr

As seen here:

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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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In under the wire!

Curtiss SFC-1 Osprey

See the above thread for description and back story please.


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Re: Finished Entries (profiles)
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Even less under the wire!