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Finally found this one cheap...
No matter if you buy Typhoon or Red October - you'll get the same innaccurate model of Project 941 submarine. But it's quite big and easy to modify.
"The hunt for Red October" movie used modified Typhoon as a title sub. Red October was longer - I found photos that leave no questions. I'm not going to make my Red October longer ot to make conn tower smaller but I'll add doors and exhausts for caterpillar propulsion system as in movie. Firts of all - studio model photos found on Modeler's Miniatures & Magic website:

Model is very simple , so after an hour you'll get this:

Now it's time to cut out propulsion inlet doors and exhausts...

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And for a sub model, that one's a bit on the detailed side!

You're off to a fine start and I'm going to enjoy following along!

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