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Re: Polygons Shipyard
« Reply #25 on: April 22, 2017, 01:10:18 AM »
Continued from the floaty GB

Swath carrier finished.

Based on this concept image, but tweaked more to my liking:

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Re: Polygons Shipyard
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Outstanding work!  How large is the model?
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Re: Polygons Shipyard
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Superb, just superb 8) 8) 8) 8) :-*
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Re: Polygons Shipyard
« Reply #28 on: April 24, 2017, 06:08:08 AM »
I like your tweaks, polygon!

This wonder is not so much a whiff as a "why didn't they do this?!"

Most excellent!

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Re: Polygons Shipyard
« Reply #29 on: June 27, 2017, 08:07:08 AM »
Not my scale(s), not my time period or subjects of interest but .. this. Very much this.

And those 1/1250 bottom hull make a for an okay looking 1/700 submarine:

(Also, this).
Cargo U-boat:

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Re: Polygons Shipyard
« Reply #30 on: October 07, 2019, 02:27:36 PM »
Thread Revival!

Small weekend project: Small landing ship. Basically cut a chunk out of an Osumi class LST and added a hangar to the side of the island capable of storing 3 blackhawk type helicopters, also embarks 2 LCACs.
Untitled by BTSpolygon, on Flickr

Was made from a non scale prepainted toy-like model. Approximate scale 1/1616. Would be about 140-5m long
Untitled by BTSpolygon, on Flickr

Official designation LPD, unofficial designation LPK (Landing Platform Kawaii desu)

1/700 version could be in the pipeline.