Author Topic: Suspected/alleged 3rd 'real world' Clemenceau class carrier design?  (Read 2773 times)

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G'day gents

I’m looking for information pertaining to a suspected/alleged 3rd 'real world’ Fench Navy Clemenceau class (or a derived from Clemenceau class) aircraft carrier project that was cancelled/abandoned in 1961!
The only information I have is as follows
PA 58, possibly to be named Verdun, was delayed by financial problems, and the Defence Staff considered a smaller design, derived from Clemenceau, in which the after guns would have been replaced by Masurca before the project was finally abandoned in 1961.

notes saying a 3rd Clemenceau with Terrier was wanted in a (post PA58) 1959-64 plan, but abandoned in 1961.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.