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Digital Models/Profiles Rally Point
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:48:47 PM »
This will be the rally point for all digital model/profile submissions - share your final products and links to any in-progress links here.

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Re: Digital Models/Profiles Rally Point
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Amidst the Armies of Frontier Nations' campaign to seek out the seat of power of the Sages, an entity that invaded FN forces' homeworld more than 20 years ago, upgraded versions of the tank originally known as the "Leman Russ" (reporting name given by the FN forces' Intelligence Corps, after a functionally-similar fictional tank in the tabletop game "Warhammer 40000" on the FN forces' homeworld) are encountered during a series of skirmishes against the Sage forces' 77th Legion, a penal legion guarding an "Armoury World".

During the brief ground war phase of that invasion more than 20 years ago, the "Leman Russ" main battle tanks provided the land warfare component of the invasion force with the backbone of armoured support, exploiting any breakthrough created by the tougher and harder-hitting Macharius heavy tanks.  Following the defeat of the invasion (mostly attributed to naval victories won by the United Nations forces, essentially the hastily-mobilized predecessor of the Armies of Frontier Nations) and the subsequent disappearance of the supreme leaders of the Sage forces known as the Sage Council, this tank has not been sighted or fought on a widespread basis.

The 77th Legion is a rarity amongst penal legions of the Sage forces in several ways.  For starters, the fact that it is allowed to possess armoured vehicles beyond the scope of improvised armours already alone sets itself apart from its normal, light-infantry-centric peers, but it is also better-equipped than most others down to personnel level and is a proper mechanized formation.  Second, it seems to be staffed exclusively with female troopers and officers (males far outnumber females outside of the 77th Legion, in cases of both disgraced regular military personnel and liberal intellectuals/advocates convicted of "thought crimes").  And, finally, while most if not all other Sage military garrisons and splinter factions encountered after the invasion seem to prefer more-powerful yet cumbersome tanks like the Malcador heavy tank, variants of the "Leman Russ" are the mainstay tanks of the 77th Legion.

The 77th Legion in fact makes extensive use of specialist tank hunter variants believed to have been created to address the marginal effectiveness of the basic "Leman Russ" against heavy armours.  High-end variants are all codenamed by the FN Intelligence as the "Leman Russ Vanquisher" and commonly known to FN troops in the field simply as the "Vanquisher".  This is due to all "Vanquisher" variants having a longer-barrel main gun than the standard "Leman Russ" version's 122mm general-purpose tank gun, giving these tanks a noticeably-superior lethality against hostile armours.

The "Leman Russ Vanquisher" variant used by the 77th Legion has a new turret and a slightly modified hull.  Compared to the turret used in the original baseline model, the new design has a lower profile, achieves a maximum gun depression of -9 degrees by having the turret forward centreline roof over the main gun breech oscillating with the main gun and the co-axial 13.2mm machinegun, and has no turret basket.  The turret crew, the commander and the turret gunner, are provided with bucket-seats and foot stirrups.  Both seats and the swing-arm ammunition transfer units serving the turret main gun from directly behind the gun's recoil path are fastened to the turret's interior walls.

The main gun is a new design that fires a 90mm projectile out of a necked-down propellant case through a L/58 barrel, has no barrel rifling, and is loaded via an autoloader consisting of the afore-mentioned ammo transfer unit and a magazine in the turret bustle.  Evaluation of salvaged guns revealed superior recoil-dampening mechanism as well as a "hotter" propellant charge compared to all other turret ballistic guns in use by other "Leman Russ" variants, resulting in an anti-armour performance at least comparable to the long-barrel 122mm gun used by other "Vanquisher" models despite the use of a smaller cartridge (its propellant case approximates the dimensions of one used by Frontier Army's 105mm L7 fire support gun), but barrel movement that slightly but surely affects its accuracy with each shot fired has been observed on all captured specimen.  Also, only armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot and canister rounds are provided for the turret gun.  The 44 one-piece combustible-case ammunitions for the 90mm gun are wholly-contained within a chain-drive magazine in the turret bustle, as opposed to the arrangement in the baseline model, where cased propellant charges and explosive projectiles are stored under the main fighting compartment floor.  The main gun magazine has overhead blowout panels to ensure the safety of the rest of the vehicle in the event of an ammo detonation via battle damage or otherwise.

Despite a shorter barrel length than that of the 122mm L/46 gun carried by the Sage forces' other "Leman Russ Vanquisher" variants, the System Corps of the Armies of Frontier Nations has rated them as comparable in anti-tank role to both it and the NATO-standard 120mm L/55 tank gun used by the FN forces, as well as being easily more-capable of defeating armours than the old but more mass-producible 122mm L/40 cannon used by the standard "Leman Russ" model.

A 152mm infantry gun replaces the hull-mounted heavy machinegun and appears to have become the primary high-explosive launcher for this specific "Vanquisher" variant.  In addition to a variety of anti-personnel, high explosive, and demolition ammunitions, an imaging-infrared-guided "Hunter-Killer" missile is also known to be available for use with the 152mm gun and proves marginally effective against Frontier Army's lineup of main battle tanks such as Challenger 2 and T-90KM out to about eight kilometres.  Ammunitions for the 152mm gun are stowed under the gun mount and in the forward-right sponson, the latter being the same location in baseline model where hull-mounted machinegun ammos or laser cannon batteries would be stored, each protected in its individual container against cook-off in the event of armour penetration.  As the 152mm gun remains manually-loaded, the tank's forward hull compartment layout is re-arranged to additionally accommodate a loader for the gun (therefore maintaining crew size at five despite the elimination of the turret loader position); this gun crew is also directed by the tank commander, with the gunner positioned directly behind the driver and a fold-down seat available aft of the gun-launcher breech to the loader when the weapon is not in operation.

The turret gunner is provided with a thermal and laser targeter sight, which can be shared by either the tank commander to augment the latter's observation devices.  The commander has under her control a remote weapon station equipped with daytime camera, thermal imager, and a 13.2mm machinegun, whereas her rotating cupola has an integrated 8x periscope and four auxillary vision blocks for battlefield observation in the event of the RWS being disabled.  The RWS is independent from the tank's primary fire control system, and the commander must relay any battlefield observation made through it to each crew member via intercom.

The hull gunner has her own day/night gunsight as well, but, being located right behind the driver's hatch, this sight can be interferred with when the driver operates buttoned-down.

(P.S.  I lengthened the barrel to L/58 because I realized that a L/50 barrel would be shorter even than my re-imagining of the Battle Cannon......)
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