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You may have seen the Handley-Page O/400 that I built HERE :-

This is the next phase of this Build, adding a weapon load to this aircraft, one with a Wellsian twist . . .


June 1918, and the war situation was severe and getting worse. Although the German Spring Offensive had been halted for now, no-one knew just for how long.  Likewise, although  American men and materiel were pouring into Britain, and thus France, by the day, the constant U-Boat attacks were taking a heavy toll. Already, some voices in the USA wee questioning America's commitment to the conflict, voices that were beginning to gain the ears of the politicians in charge there.
Numerous attempts had been made to neutralise the main German U-Boat base at Bruges/Zeebrugge, in Belgium. A land offensive to capture Bruges and Zeebrugge had failed, as had numerous attempts to destroy the lock gates at Zeebrugge by Naval gunfire, and two attempts to block the canal there, by scuttling ships across the entrance. A further amphibious assault using tanks, had been abandoned as impracticable. It was vital something was done, before US public opinion turned against the war, and their troops were withdrawn.
"Sit down, Churchill," Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, said, gesturing at the empty chair in front of his desk, "I understand you may have a solution to our U-Boat problem."
"I believe I do," Churchill replied, his characteristic voice already foreshadowing the events of a quarter-century into the future. "We have been working in secret on something we call the 'Lucifer Device'. I believe it offers not only a solution to the U-boat problem, but also a means to ending this war for good."
"Carry on," replied the Prime Minister, "enlighten me, if I may use the word, about this 'Lucifer Device' . . ."
"If I may, I would like to bring in one of my experts, who will explain these things, in a far, far better manner than I ever could."
"Of course, bring them in."
Churchill turned to the Prime Minister's secretary. "Please ask Mr. Wells to come in . . ."



Jeffry Fontaine:
Such a TEASE!  :smiley:

^ ;D Exactly!

Antonio Sobral:
Catchy Title!!!  :smiley:

The Big Gimper:
Lucifer sends his approval!


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