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Landship for the moon.

the future for us sardines

Russian Maritime Patrol based on license-built DC-3 -- Peklovov Pe-3m

So good.  With retirement of space shuttles, you have repurposed the transporter as a mobile coastal defence gun battery.
DC-3 conversion is a favorite for me. 
Thanks for posting.


--- Quote from: finsrin on February 15, 2012, 10:54:23 AM ---DC-3 conversion is a favorite for me. 

--- End quote ---

It does look right with a Pe-2 tail doesn't it?

Wow, a packed airliner cabin and unlimited Red Bull....all passengers hands should be leather bagged like is done with trained performing bears.

Current project ...
      Ma.K  "Sponge-Bob"  Underwater Combat Suit by my alter-ego Globa-Glue.


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