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Racing GB 01/06/2017 - 31/07/2017 - Rules
« on: May 30, 2017, 01:32:39 AM »
This GB is for any form of racing, in any environment (Air, Land, Sea, Space).

The only hard requirement is that the racing machines are purely civil in their
racing guise, no guns, cannons, giant swinging axes etc., so no Death Race or Mad Max
that said they can be conversions of military vehicles, aircraft ships.

All forms of propulsion are acceptable: human, wind, steam (reciprocating and turbine),
internal combustion (piston and turbine), rocket, electric, nuclear, and so on.

The racing type can be whatever you choose, here is a list of possibilities.
NOTE: This is not a list of required categories, just a listing for inspiration.
Land:one wheel to as many as you want, tracked, open wheel, closed wheel, saloon, moto (GP & X),
endurance, road-course (formal track or on 'streets'), oval (asphalt, dirt etc.), rally, rally raid
(DAKAR etc.), drag (asphalt, sand etc.), LSR (remembering that ultimate speed records are
only one aspect of record setting)plus don't forget the variations run on ice and snow.

Air: circuit racing (Schneider, Thompson, Reno etc), cross-country (Bendix, Kings Cup,
Coupe Deutsche etc.), ASR (again remembering that the ultimate speed record is only
one aspect).

Sea: surface vessel-sail or power, submarine, circuit racing (America's Cup other sail contests,
hydroplanes-inboard/outboard, offshore powerboat etc.), long distance (Transpac, Round the World,
Blue Ribband-Fastest Atlantic Crossing, etc.), WSR (same things to bear in mind as LSR & ASR).

Space: whatever strikes your fancy as a form of racing.  :)

Hover-bikes, hover-cars, hover-craft, and similar are all welcome,
as are 'real-world' subjects, the entries do not have to be 'what-if'.

Physical models and graphic creations are both welcome, physical models must be unstarted before
01/06/2017, with the usual proviso that existing stalled projects will considered on an individual
Contact the race steward for a decision.   ;)

Have fun, the lights will sequence, the flag will drop, the horn will sound at 00:00 01/06/2017
local time wherever you are, and finish 23:59 31/07/2017 again your local time.
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