Author Topic: An open invite to all members to participate in the Aprilís Fools Day GB  (Read 3688 times)

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Posted on behalf of JP Vieira, the Moderator for this GB:


As you have noticed the GB Aprilís Fools Day has just started (see here:  This is a rather interesting GB for this what-if forum as it requires that participants came up with the most plausible works possible.

It also will run for some time (until the 15th of April) and I invite you all to participate with your work.

There will be some prizes (for best physical and profile/stories works) and I believe that it will be great fun.

I hope to see your work soon at the GB

Best regards

JP Vieira
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Thank you Greg.
I hope  to see more of the amazing work of our fellow forum members at this GB.
Best regards to all