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Zombie Hand Walker

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Old Wombat:
Should be fun! :-\

I expect it'll look fantastic when done, though! :smiley:

Looks big, what scale? ???


--- Quote from: Frank3k on September 29, 2021, 10:22:06 AM ---If this is printed in ABS, you can use Acetone vapor to smooth it.

--- End quote ---
Did a bit of that, but tried a new setup and mediocre results. Not that fussed on this one. I have one being printed in resin, which should be much better.

Anyhoo, went with what I had and it is just ok for what it was.
I tried for a scraps of clothing around the upper torso area where the worst of the print glitches were. It'll do ::)

Maybe a teaser for another one if I get the mojo happening ;)

Came out well considering the initial print.  Interested  to see  the resin print

Nice one!


Nice save with the clothing remnants  :smiley:

--- Quote from: Frank3k on September 29, 2021, 10:22:06 AM ---Zombie implants, too!

--- End quote ---

Well, she has to have something lure in the unwitting  ;)


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