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Gloster Gimlet Advanced Trainer

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Leading Observer:
With the introduction of the Hawker Hurricane into Squadron service in 1937 and the Supermarine Spitfire due soon thereafter, the RAF recognised  that they had a need for an advanced training aircraft that would prepare new pilots for the higher performance of the new fighter aircraft. The Air Ministry issued a specification for a new training aircraft and the Gloster Aircraft Company's submission was selected.

The starting point:

As you can see from the drawing I have cut out a template for the cockpit floor and need to work the BUF roundels into the backstory in due course.

I like it (and remember that Airfix G.50 bis kit with nostalgic affection).

Any plans to move the fin forward - la the Gloster F.5/34?

Nice thinking.

Some Gloster proposals look somewhat similar to the Fiat.

Always great to see some classic Airfix Boxart as well.

Hey Leading Observer. Any progress on your Gloster Gimlet trainer to share?

Leading Observer:
Funny you should ask:


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