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The Dingo seems to be an increasingly popular and adaptable machine, let's give it it's own spot here.

Here's some pics of Czech army Dingo 2 vehicles:

And here I was expecting to see something like this:

Well, of course the Dingo was extensively reworked from the original version you've posted to the Dingo 2. ;D

Thought a Dingo could use another axle and make a 6x6 vehicle. When you take the rear axle of a Dingo kit,  what to do with the left-overs? What to do with half a truck? A half-track! In the drawing, it's an M113 running gear missing a roadwheel. Don't know whether it's to size, though. Think you could mount all kinds of stuff on these, from radio cabins to artillery pieces (think French CAESAR)

Logan Hartke:
Those look great!  I've always loved tandem rear axles and half-tracks for appearance, so I like these a lot.




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