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Netflix Love, Death and Robots - Lucky 13


I am always late to the party on streaming stuff, but thought I would put this here for others.

On the group of short films under the Love, Death and Robots show, there is one rather stand out episode Sci Fi piece called Lucky 13, a rather marvellous blending of CGI with real actor faces.
The Drop Ship "Lucky 13" is just terrific design.

More here about the creation of the work

However get on Netflix and watch it you have not already done so.

That is a great series! Almost all the episodes deserve one or more rewatching. “Lucky 13” is one of the best. “Three Robots” , “Beyond the Aquila Rift” and “Zima Blue” are great. “The Witness” is good, too - I watched it mainly for the plot(s).


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