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Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote from: Mig Eater on July 18, 2021, 06:01:32 PM ---Not exactly special or unique but I've been trying to hunt down an Academy M4A3 105mm with dozer blade. They only produced it for a short run in 2007 & AFAIK it's the only injection molded plastic Sherman dozer blade in 1/35 scale.


I mainly want it out of laziness though, hoping that I'll eventually find one instead of having to design & 3D print the dozer ;D 
--- End quote ---
According to some folks that know much more about the Sherman tank than I do, there were some corners and short-cuts taken with that Sherman bulldozer tank kit to get the blade components to fit the Academy Sherman.  Accusations were made about the width of the blade in the model to actual dimensional data for the real M1 Bulldozer Blade among other things.  Not sure what to believe as it looks like a bulldozer blade and it fits the Academy Sherman tank model OOB. 

A shame your infatuation with this subject is not focused on the other bulldozer blade kit designed for the Sherman (the La Plante M2 Bulldozer Blade kit) that did not have the long side rails attached to the bulldozer blade. 

BTW, I have the kit you seek but with the cost of postage to your side of the ocean it is quite unrealistic to even contemplate offering you this kit to you.  Hopefully you can find one closer to home. 


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