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Hi to all the well informed members of this esteemed forum, perhaps you could answer two questions, what is the weight of the LiftFan used in the F-35's Integrated Lift Fan Propulsion System (ILFPS)? I have a diameter of 50inches (1.3m), and what is the overall height?

Thanks in advance

Supposedly 2700lb (~1225kg) - see here

Thank you Greg, that's not only informative it's also proved to me that an idea I had isn't going to work.

The idea being?

The idea for an Airship Aircraft carrier. in my whatif, the RN has bagged all the F-35B's for their carriers.
So what is left to use for an airborne carrier air wing? Re-build some Harrier's, that's what! I needed the dimensions and weight of the LiftFan to  fit in a bay behind the cockpit so it replaced the distilled water tank in the harrier so it could hover longer than the 90 seconds the tank allows, before the engine overtemps.
Now I know that's not a bright idea as harrier's would still need the water injection system regardless wether I stuff a LiftFan in or not. Plus adding little over a ton of deadweight isn't big or clever.
Instead I'll have a plan B and just increase the water tank size to enable my Airship bourne fighters to have a better margin of hover when they return to their flying carrier.


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