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Panzer Aces Magazine - #55 Special - "Paper Panzers"



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Waste of paper Panzers.  ;D ;D :icon_fsm:

^ Harsh! But true.  ;D
I find it sad that it's usually just German paper panzers. Such a wasted opportunity for what-if modelling, in my eyes. If it really absolutely has to be WWII, why not go for some Allied designs as well? So many great kits available these days. The American heavies, all the IS tanks, Tortoise (wouldn't mind a Black Prince though),...

And for something that supposedly let's your creatice juice flow freely, it seems to create its own tropes rather quickly. All those paper panzers with either the hull or the turret in red primer...

Jeffry Fontaine:
Might get better sales if they printed it in a format that would fit on a roll of toilet paper...

Everyone to their own - personally I find some other forms of modelling boring so...


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