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LUKGRAPH has released it's debut model, a 1/72 Boulton - Paul P-12 Bodmin:

Click logo to go to their website

They also have a 1/72 English Electric Cork MK III on the way:

BTW, the Boulton - Paul P-12 Bodmin was odd in that its engines were actually mounted in the fuselage despite the props (pusher and puller) being out on the ings:

Old Wombat:
Interesting aircraft but unfortunately resin kits are (usually) out of my price league. :icon_crap:

Wouldn't mind seeing an independent in-box & build review, though. ;)

I'd like to see the prices, too. ???

Hmm.. Flick through one of the Putnams British Aircraft books, open at a random page and create a kit.
Interesting way of getting to market.
Still, as a former builder of wierd British Aircraft models (usually produced by Contrail) this looks quite interesting.

This is coming from a bloke who still has a Blackburn Blackburn Vacform to build to fill a hole in the Fleet Air Arm Collection.

kim margosein:
Anyone know about this company?  The subject matter and boxart screams Choroszy.


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