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Hi folks,

We already have a thread for Star Wars Ideas and Inspiration, so to be fair we should also have one for Star Trek Ideas and beam me up Scotty!



They would very authoritative if carrying Tommy Guns.....

Jeffry Fontaine:
My take on the Star Trek universe is quite tame.  I want to model a modern combat aircraft armed with Photon Torpedoes. 

Maybe a crazy idea: the Star Fleet Kamikaze Corp who pilot Photon Torpedoes to the target... :-X


--- Quote from: GTX_Admin on January 25, 2012, 06:08:00 AM ---Maybe a crazy idea: the Star Fleet Kamikaze Corp who pilot Photon Torpedoes to the target... :-X

--- End quote ---

That would be a Jem Ha'dar thing.

I often thought that the TV saga of ST could have had more life to it if they had not gone to that prequel in 2001, which effectively buried the franchise for awhile until JJ Abrahms movie rebooted it at the theater.
  When DS9 and Voyager wrapped up is where my fanfic begins with a new series. This next one takes place after the Great galactic war is over. Recall that both Romulus after the war and the Klingons were pretty wrung out but politically changed to better leaders. The earth was a part of the battle but was still in business.
    The new show "The Academy" starts from there, setting is Earth- both the Academy and space stations. The task is to rebuild the Star fleet as a new integrated force drawing on a huge new talent pool. Adding to the old mix are more Klingons than Micheal Dorn, plus Romulans, Ferenghi, Jem Had'aar, Cardassia and all the rest. Some new races would appear as the anthropomorphs, as well as more humanoids and cyborgs and holographic personnae. The opponents (you need those) the ever - present Borg, and the Beta quadrant- to start with.
   New engineering has allowed travel in all four quadrants without need of wormholes. A completely new class of ships are in place although the old ones are along as well, upgraded to the tasks. It is now possible for single seat craft to range between quadrants and shuttles to reach every corner. Also there are beginnings of exploration to the other galaxies of the local group and out to the Virgo supercluster.
   The script would concentrate on bringing up a New Generation of characters wth lots of walk throughs and cameos from all the previous ones, especially the new Engineering instructor at the academy, Miles O'Brien, plus commandant Janeway and Admiral Nog, Ferenghi son of Rom from DS9. Appearances from the original series cast would really fit in well.

   The focus would be on this new mix of characters learning a new mix of ships and facing the new challenges. The tone would be a cross between the loftier Next Generation plots and the grittier worlds of DS9 and Voyager. There would be less scripts involving time travel (way overused) and at least one episode in ten where no weapons are fired at all.

   Episode one: The great race. The academy engineering department has a contest for graduate students to recruit new cadets and build from scratch high speed ships for a loop around the galaxy speed trial, using parts left over from various starship yards and a ton of surplus craft left over from the wars. Any of you what-iffers getting ideas here?

   Engage !!!!!!!


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