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Aircraft Weapons Systems (Gun Pods, Rockets, etc.)

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Old Wombat:
I figured they were probably Soviet, they have that "Oh, yeah? You've got rotary cannon pods? Well, we've got this triple rotary cannon pod, so there!" vibe, but it's always good to get more detail.

Thanks, mate! :smiley:

Oh, your helicopter has a gun...that's cute:

Actually the GUV-8700 comes in two options:

1x 30mm grenade launcher AP-30 Plamya - AGS-17  (9-A-669, or 9-A-800) - 300 rounds or
1x 4barrel minigun YAkB 12,7mm + 2 x 4barrel minigun GShG 7,62mm  (9-A-624) 750rds for 12,7 and 2x 1700 rds for 7,62


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