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Jurassic Kampf!

Gnaahr! This new-fangled environment-friendly aluminium foil is useless. Someone's been into my brain and extracted the idea of an Ankylosaurus with a Roman crew operating a Scorpio. Of course, they had to go overboard and blow it out of proportion by using Ceratopsidae and the Third Reich. Typical!


I just wonder if that dino will keep in place or bolt when that 88 is fired! :-D

And despite the armored ridge plate behind the head, the beast should be wearing a "Pickelhaub".

4th post attempt- fingers crossed.

Heh - Dinotopia becomes Dinoreich....

If you wanted to build something like that onto a dinosaur model, you could do worse than start with some of these armoured train kits that are about at the moment: many of them have cars that are about the shape of those panniers....

I wonder...should a modern version have ERA?


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