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Title: Rendell Gunboats
Post by: Dr. YoKai on May 17, 2013, 04:30:59 AM
 Five or six years ago, in a big little book of profiles ( Warships of the Worl, I think -600 Destroyers, Battleships, Aircraft carriers and Submarines ) I ran across reference to 'Rendell gunboats' which
I had never heard of before. In terms of design, they came across as something akin to a sea-going*
sturmgeschutz. One big gun forward, not much in the way of armor, and mainly intended to be cheap
and plentiful. At the time, I couldn't find much on the web about them, but that has changed in
recent years. Below, an nicely illustrated and informative article from Big Bad Battleships.

EDIT: Some years later, the original link has gone dark, but fortunately, the Wikipedia article is a good
         starting point. ( (
Title: Re: Rendell Gunboats
Post by: Frank3k on May 17, 2013, 09:12:19 AM
Those are great looking gunboats! I hadn't seen the City of Flatulence site before.

I tried making a 1/350 scratchbuild of the Staunch... and that's when I discovered that plastic putty (made by melting styrene in glue) will melt styrene sheet even after 2-4 days of "curing".
Title: Re: Rendell Gunboats
Post by: GTX_Admin on May 18, 2013, 03:19:50 AM
Interesting.  Love the models on that website too. :)