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Lemoore NAS Site 29-B Described, Phantom Arrives There Safely
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Naval Air Station Lemoore (“Lemoore NAS”, “Lemoore”, “NAS” hereon) commissioned in 1961 is the US Navy’s premiere & largest west Pacific coast operational fighter & training airbase chosen for its remoteness facilitating large-scale air operations with smallest “noise footprint” possible, close proximity to Navy seaport facilities facilitating logistical support, great flexibility how the airbase could be expanded & utilized latter crucial ensconcing “The Mefford Trio” under maximum security conditions.

Even before the President Of The United States declared an Incident-Specific National Emergency at 10:00 a.m. Washington DC time formally placing them under US Government custody for “highly detailed forensic examinations” (i.e. camouflaging US Military & Federal “alphabet” agencies half-educated guesses how two been “miraculously restored” to airworthy condition, third “time-traveled” from WWII to what ends), mid-level Pentagon intelligence staff very soon determined Lemoore NAS as the ideal location for ensconcing under US Government custody (i.e. hiding from public view) under maximum security conditions akin to Homey Airport, Nevada (Area 51) though lacking latter’s cultural provenance till all could be transported elsewhere. Tacitly recognizing was impossible to deny The Mefford Trio’s paranormal transformations & appearance given they’d been in public view albeit very shortly since after midnight November 13, 2022 California Time Pentagon “mid-levelers” meantime “Gipsy Rose Lee’d” (teased) senior level brass into believing they still could be hidden from public view provided nothing else was revealed about them.

At 1:00 a.m. California Time Pentagon Navy Intelligence & Airfield Operations senior level brass, Lemoore NAS Commander, Airfield Operations & Security Chiefs, via secure telecommunication link proclaimed the currently unused 640 x 700 foot square bare concrete patch far northeast corner of the NAS airfield operations area as Site 27-B it randomly pulled off list of military reservation code names by a deskbound OF-3 deep within the Pentagon’s bowels where the Trio were to be ensconced once moved off Mefford Field Airport grounds. Within the hour also the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed all information concerning their removals & relocations to Lemoore, forensic examinations, intelligence evaluations, theories & speculations regarding their sudden appearances & restorations classified Top Secret, placed under custodianship of a OF-5 senior Pentagon Intelligence Officer with two OF-4 alternates directly subordinate to the Joint Chiefs or by The Whitehouse whenever the information needed to be reviewed by the President and/or his national security staff.

With “marching orders” direct from top-level Pentagon brass the Lemoore NAS Commander was authorized to requisition whatever materials, manpower, logistics planning & management necessary directly from any military service branch for quickly constructing & getting Site 27-B operational, moving The Mefford Trio there, all “issues” encountered whilst doing so directly addressed to respective Pentagon Chief Of Operations they directed to immediately resolve them. Whilst personnel & equipment was being readied elsewhere on the NAS for transport to Mefford Field Airport for disarming bombs aboard the Heinkel at 1:30 a.m. on-station Navy Seabees commenced work constructing a security fence enclosure completely around Site 27-B moving everything off it beforehand. Laboring at war emergency speed in heavy rain, Seabees, US Army Corps Of Engineers & US Air Force Engineers flown in later had the fencing up by 5:30 a.m., large “Restricted Area” signs affixed every 25 feet, portable guard shacks later replaced by more durable ones set at enclosure’s sole entrance near its most southwesterly corner, AR-armed SPs forthwith manning them well as patrolling the enclosure’s outer perimeter.

Whilst enclosure construction was underway Navy Seabees, Air Force Engineers, Army Corps Of Engineers et. al. staffs in conjunction with number of “alphabet” intelligence agencies communicating though Pentagon-centered secure satellite telecommunications channels working off existing airfield facilities layouts & arrangements jointly planned & designed Site 29-B’s facilities in two hours flat, manpower, materials, equipment some highly classified collected & flown in from several military installations throughout the USA with unprecedented efficiency & speed. First erected were three 150 x 250 x 24 foot prefabricated site-assembled double-entry aircraft hangars flown in by Air Force C-5M Super Galaxies from Travis AFB set 150 feet back from northwest perimeter fence each spaced 100 feet apart, officially designated “A”, “B”, “C” (patrolling male SPs called them “Autumn”, “Bailey”, “Carter” after female porn stars, female SPs “Alex”, “Bambino”, “Charles” after male ones) all in place by 9:45 a.m. Meantime, Air Force C-17A Globemaster III’s were flying in prefabricated site-assembled windowless auxiliary structures flanking the hangars in between & ends of Hangars A & C exclusively for military & “alphabet” intelligence operatives some already on station whilst construction was underway, all in place by 10:00 a.m. Hangar A stood ready to receive the AMVETS Phantom in transit from The Ranch now scheduled for arrival at 11:00 a.m.

Hovering yards ahead of the Skycrane a US Navy SH-60 Seahawk ("Seahawk" hereon) pilot helicopter had two Navy meteorologists monitoring Doppler Radar computer screens, Intelligence Lieutenant & four Petty Officers onboard monitoring wireless closed circuit camera feeds sweeping ground below, underneath the Skycrane looking down on Phantom, second Seahawk yards aft filled with airfield maintenance personnel & equipment ready to secure her if “hit sod” (landed) in an emergency yards aft of Skycrane, third Seahawk yards off port perpendicular to Skycrane filled with armed SP, Firefighting & Personnel Extraction Trained EMT & equipment in event any helicopter crashed whilst in transit. On way to Mefford Field Airport pilot & trailing Seahawks encountered heavy rain & wind cells, senior meteorologist radioing in “the bad news” to The Ranch’s Naval Commanding Officer (CO) he forthwith pointedly asking him whether conditions were bad enough to scrub the Phantom move meteorologist forthwith replying nyet as were briskly moving north off planned flight path to Lemoore. At 10:39 a.m. the Skycrane lead by pilot Skyhawk began pulling away northwesterly towards Lemoore, Federal Aviation Administration having closed general aviation airspace over & five miles out from Mefford Field Airport by 1:30 a.m. the aerial caravan could proceed to Lemoore far out as A & L Dairy on Prosperity Avenue west of Road 48, Airspace Restriction Alert issued at 9:30 a.m. banning all air traffic except military 10 mile swath below 2,000 feet between both airports in effect till further notice.

Flying 75 knots at 750 feet northeast towards Lemoore all went well till sudden strong wind gusts struck over Guernsey (Kansas & 10th Avenues) several miles south of Hanford, Phantom violently pitching up & down longitudinally for some seconds stressing the suspension cables, Skycrane pilot forthwith dropping altitude, softly landing her on fallow farmland west of dairy farm off South 11th & Kent Avenues, trailing Seahawk quickly moving port & landing 100 feet parallel to it. The Skycrane holding station above the Phantom fought off the gusts some minutes till passed, highly experienced flying cargo in bad weather conditions the pilot knew the gusts weren't strong enough to break the lifting gear collars forthwith radioing the landed Skyhawk cables & collars looked OK. Slowly lifting the Phantom up ten feet pausing for those onboard the Skyhawk to inspect for abnormalities none were found Skyhawk's pilot forthwith signaling the Skyhook's to proceed she slowly pulling up then forward quickly regaining altitude inline behind the pilot Skyhawk aft grounded one forthwith lifting off & returning in formation behind the Skycrane. Encountering no further flight incidents the Skycrane now flying alone slowly approached Site 29-B, hovering in unstable air dozen disposable hazmat jumpsuited & gloved-clad Navy airfield personnel with “mule” (airfield tractor) & tow gear stood ready to help lower & tow away the Phantom, setting her down at precisely 11:10 a.m. forthwith she was hooked for tow whilst Skycrane suspension cables surrounding here were unhooked, all off she'd pulled vertical rotating southeasterly hightailing it off to The Ranch. The Phantom now firmly in "Government Custody" forthwith was "hauled naked" (nobody else around her) into Hangar A, "mule" & tow team very quickly leaving the hangar arguably out of fear, doors closed & locked shut by SPs in ten minutes flat.

...To Be Continued...

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B-17 Crews To Lemoore NAS, Preston's Pride On Mefford Field Airport Tarmac
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Preston’s Pride Boeing B-17G serial 44-85738 Vega Aircraft Burbank Construction No. 8647-VE was delivered to United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) late during WWII not seeing any combat service. Manufactured at Vega Aircraft in Burbank, California c. April-May, 1945 she was flown to the USAAF Louisville Kentucky Aircraft Modification Center taken on charge May 18, 1945. Put in active storage in 1946 she was modified as a DB-17G drone controller assigned to the 509th Composite Bomb Group for use during Operations Crossroads Pacific atomic bomb tests operating in this role till retired from active service, donated to AMVETS Post 56, flown to Mefford Field Airport Tulare by USAF Operations Chief Major General Maurice Preston August 5, 1958. Rolled of the Burbank, California Vega Aircraft factory assembly line too late for WWII service midnight November 13, 2022  she was “miraculously restored” fully equipped for combat duty, strong suggestion of whoever, whomever, whatever deliberately wanted her to see combat, why not before the May 9, 1945 German surrender?!

The leading questions amongst endless others why restore Preston’s Pride & F-4C Phantom II to airworthy condition, why also deposit a bomb-laden shot-up WWII Deutsches Luftwaffe Heinkel 177 A-5 with dead crewman plus a wounded third yards away? Why these anachronisms at Mefford Field and no others anywhere else on Earth?! None could be answered - for now -what only mattered to the US Government was getting The Mefford Trio to Lemoore Naval Station before day’s end the 13th, out of sight, under armed guard and out of the public’s mind ASAP! By 11:15 a.m. The Phantom was under armed guard at Lemoore, Heinkel 177 on Mefford Field Airport tarmac at 5:04 p.m., in between Preston’s Pride would be flown out to Lemoore perhaps on its last ever flight its fate well as of the others yet to be determined.

As mentioned earlier, minutes after 9:00 a.m. California Time November 13, 2022 team of Navy SPs led by a Naval intelligence Officer dispatched from Naval Base San Diego to Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport San Diego approached crews adjacent to their historic B-17s whilst on airport tarmac, then-there impressed all into Navy service two C-20Gs (military Gulfstream IVs, "Gulfstream" heron) on way for transporting them to Lemoore . As the Navy team approached them everyone adjacent to the B-17s whipped out their iPhones & Androids video recording the spectacle, Airshow Chief & Airfield Operations Staff watching also doing nothing till the B-17 pilots could contact them. Gaining permission from the Naval Intelligence Officer to contact them “Rick” the most senior pilot got them on line with his Android; “Guys, the Navy needs us now, we’re OK, not in ANY trouble, Navy Officer will speak to you both soon. Airshow must go on, have fun, punching out now, bye!” Nine-thirty A.M. the 13th the Gulfstreams arrived at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport San Diego for transporting the crews to Lemoore, acknowledging they’d been Shanghaied resisting in presence of a Naval Officer flanked by SPs pointless they'd no choice but accept assurances from the Naval Intelligence Officer the US Government will reimburse all expenses associated with ground tending & security of their B-17s. flying them to their respective operating bases by other B-17 qualified crews if could be flown in by day’s end something he couldn’t guarantee.

Taxing up directly in front of the B-17s the Gulfstreams halted in line then powered down, port forward fuselage door lowered a Navy Intelligence Officer from each deplaned making way to their Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG) counterpart “guarding” the crews; “Good job Delphin, you’re dismissed, see you next Tuesday (at San Diego Naval Air Station)!” senior officer said whilst assuming custody of the crews; “I’m Lieutenant Don Hansen Navy Intelligence, this is my team partner Lieutenant Feroze Sadeghi. By order of President Of The United States though the Joint Chiefs Of Staff all of you have been impressed into Navy service, please step on board!” forthwith signaling which jets they'd be flying in. Piling aboard in line pilots & copilots first all were assigned specific seating by an Intelligence Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1), asked to surrender their electronic communications devices (smartphones & cells), pickup & don sound-wired headsets, observe video screens on seatbacks before them, fuselage door closed, engines powering up, Lieutenant Hansen seated port forward directly across from his PO1 controlling audiovisual equipment signaled him to commence the prerecorded informational briefing:

“This is a Top Secret briefing gentlemen, my counterpart is giving exact same one to aircrew in (the) other jet. All ‘obtainable’ information regarding your personal histories has been evaluated by the FBI well as Pentagon intelligence, all of you have passed security checks and have been granted security clearances as seen on your monitors, you’ll need to sign them (documents) at Lemoore Naval Air Station that’s where we’re going.”

“By now most if not all of you have heard & read news & social media reports & posts about ‘paranormal activity’ on Mefford Field Airport grounds this morning, we can confirm such activity had occurred and that the AMVETS Boeing B-17G has been ‘restored’ to airworthy condition, YOUR job is to fly her from Mefford Field Airport to Lemoore Naval Air Station later this morning or afternoon.”

“The B-17G has been inspected inside & out for atomic radiation, chemical, bacteriological & virological agents, none have been detected so far, you will be required to wear hazmat gear around and inside her at all times regardless. We cannot say no other biohazards are present, if any of you do not want to risk exposure to potential unknown biohazards you have time to decide before transport to Mefford Field.”

All intelligence as of 9:30 a.m. regarding Preston’s Pride; videos & still postings prior to her “miraculous restoration”, first videos & stills of her by California National Guard, Cal OES personnel, California Highway Patrolmen, Tulare County Sheriff’s Deputies, Tulare City Police Officers, obtainable Internet news & social media postings, for contextual setting was presented followed by trove of intelligence videos, stills, diagrams & written reports by US military intelligence personnel from all service branches & US “alphabet” intelligence agencies, including up-to-minute new intelligence via secured communications link whilst in transit to Lemoore, including Vega Factory documents pertaining to Preston’s Pride manufacture in 1945 some purportedly authorizing fitting of “government supplied equipment” for combat operations in mint condition period military haversacks hung inside the bomb bay.

At points thoughout the presentation flight crews were invited to comment on the intelligence particularly Preston’s Pride 1945-vintage cockpit & flight engineer station avionics whether they could fly her to Lemoore on them instead of being fitted with modern avionics; “Our intelligence folks want her ‘pristine’ for forensic analysis, you’ll have to fly her just with them; bad weather currently between Mefford (Field) & Lemoore, Navy meteorologist will be on board (with portable wireless weather & navigation equipment) helping out." senior pilot "Rick" confidently replying; “Can do Lieutenant, who’d pass ‘barebacking’ a ‘factory virgin?!” jokingly replying a similar though more explicit conversation amongst aircrew occurring in other jet as well.

Whilst B-17 flight crews were in transit to Lemoore NAS preparations were well underway for towing Preston’s Pride onto Mefford Field Airport tarmac on same route as the F4-C Phantom II. Hooked for tow by Navy “mules” (aircraft tractors) same time as the Phantom, flanked by disposable hazmat jumpsuit & gloved donned Navy aircraft mechanics & intelligence personnel they flanked by Navy & Air Force Intelligence Cinematographers documenting the move all ringed by AR-armed SPs, at precisely 10:30 a.m. Preston’s Pride slowly was pulled off its much patched-up decades-old asphalt it been (mostly) sitting on since 1958 pausing at edge of Tex Drive for visual alignments & clearances checks. Slowly hauled across Tex Drive tail first, diagonally traversing prepared ground & airport tarmac east side of 1940 Mefford Field RAAI hangar in same light northeasterly winds as where the Heinkel 177 was "parked" north of it, 20 feet short of were 80 degree left turn onto a taxiway at 10:42 a.m. a very strong ground gust mysteriously not showing up on Navy meteorological Doppler Radar scans at The Ranch suddenly swept underneath her tailplanes lifting her rear fuselage foot up then down space of three seconds, towbar attached to the tailwheel mounting most fortuitously still in place the Hostler (Tow Party Chief) signaled HALT! to the “muler” till the gust subsided. Holding station for some minutes the entire standing towing entourage struggled to keep their footing fortunately in dry air, the gust subsided, tailwheel & mounting checked for damage (none found), at 10:51 a.m. the Hostler signaled “GO” for resuming the tow.

Intently observing with binoculars The Ranch’s Naval Commander flanked by army of specialist & support personnel from near all US Armed Forces branches, number of recently flown in Pentagon VIPs as well, listened to radio chatter speaker broadcasts from tow crews & watchers checking tarmac conditions & landing gear wheel clearances, halting 25 feet out from the Medford Field Airport tarmac west side of Leonard Noel Drive at 11:01 a.m. another very strong ground gust mysteriously not showing up on Navy meteorological Doppler Radar scans also swept underneath Preston’s Pride causing her to bounce up & down on landing gear for several seconds, entire standing entourage dropping on knees observing “army” also, the gust subsided seconds later the Hostler signaled “GO” for continuing the tow without checking the landing gear fearing as later documented in an Aircraft Towing Incident Report another strong wind gust again lifting her up mere feet short where other airfield crewmen could help out with keeping her landing gear down. Forthwith towed over same 200 x 200 foot marked-off square parking zone the Heinkel 177 would be over hours later Preston’s Pride's Tow Hostler signaled HALT! precisely over its center wings parallel to the airport runway at 11:07 a.m., chocks thrown in place by Navy, Marine & Coast Guard airfield personnel she immediately was swarmed by other airfield crews tossing fabric insulated steel tie-down bands over her fuselage & wings, attaching them to tarmac tie-downs holding her down till wind conditions improved.

…To Be Continued…
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Preston's Pride Swarmed Over...Meantime On Way To Lemoore NAS
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Mid-morning November 13, 2022 weather conditions were still bad at Mefford Field Airport, tight low pressure “Polar Express” front with strong cold windy rains perpendicularly skirting Northern & Central California since 2:00 a.m. California Time bands of intense windy rains “parked” between Coalinga, Huron, Lemoore, Armona, Hanford, Dinuba in Fresno, Kings & Tulare Counties not expecting to dissipate till noon. Despite bad weather airfield ground crews there had removed all fabric insulated steel tie-down bands over Preston’s Pride fuselage & wings, army of disposable hazmat jumpsuit & gloved-donned aircraft systems specialists, number skilled in maintaining obsolete radial engine-powered pre-WWII technology US military aircraft also, from near every service branch descended under, over, inside her meticulously inspecting, video & still image recording every last square inch of her that could be under close supervision of aviation technology intelligence specialists. Completing the inspections shortly before 1:00 p.m. aircraft ground crews beforehand briefed on prepping Preston’s Pride for flight stood ready to work if need be under supervision of civilian B-17 air & ground crews (“crews” heron) once they’d been helicoptered in from Lemoore.

Cruising “high & dry” in loose formation over Southern then Central California the Gulfstreams filled with US Government “impressed” civilian B-17 air & ground crews raced towards Lemoore NAS hoping to land by 10:30 a.m. after a particularly intense band of windy rains “parked” over the airbase had dissipated, inflight Top Secret briefing of Preston’s Pride continuing meantime. At number points during it serious questions arose whether Preston’s Pride supposed factory mint Wright R-1820-97 turbocharged radials even worked Navy Intelligence Office giving the briefing cloyingly replying; “They’ve not been ‘run up’ yet, top ‘round engine folks’ (radial engine technology & maintenance specialists) there right now (at Mefford Field Airport) checking them out; you’ve got ‘last word’ flying her to Lemoore remember”, questions as well whether landing gear hydraulic systems work; “You’re flying her gear down to Lemoore with ‘emp-helo’ (emergency personnel-crewed helicopter) escort, locations have been identified to land her in case of an emergency.”

Lowering to “weather altitude” (18,000-foot Mean Seal Level Class E Federal Aviation Administration airspace) over Lost Hills west of Interstate 5 on California State Route 46 around 10:15 a.m. the Gulfstreams approached Lemoore NAS perpendicular to strong bands of windy rains sweeping between Strafford & Guernsey to the southeast where within the hour a civilian-contracted S-64E Skycrane airlifting the Mefford Field MacDonnell F4-C Phantom II to Lemoore encountered similar weather, sweeping west avoiding it a stable air gap opened up between it and a parallel band over Five Points, Lanare, Riverdale, Laton (latter at Fresno-Kings County Line northeast of where author’s father was born) allowing the jets to dogleg in from west then southeast to land on Runway 14-Left, the maneuver performed by both without incident the lead jet touching down at 10:27 a.m. its trailer two minutes later.

...To Be Continued...
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While Inside Site 29-B Building 1 Con-3...
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Taxing inline southeasterly in heavy rain & wind the Gulfstreams straightaway beelined it to the Site 29-B Security Gate, arriving couple minutes later two Navy LSSVs drivers behind wheels guarded outside by very wet parka-donned, AR-armed SPs the starboard Gulfstream doors opened, parka-donned Navy Intelligence Lieutenant JGs deplaning first, parka-donned B-17 crews following in line, JGs directing them to board their assigned LSSVs. Crews & JGs now onboard, wet parka-donned SPs dismissed, the LSSVs were waved thru the Site 27-B Security Gate veering right toward six recently assembled very large windowless prefabricated buildings officially designated Site 27-B Buildings 1 to 6 setback 50 feet from & in line with northeast perimeter fence, single central large double-door entrance-exit in front guarded by a very wet parka-donned SP. Driving direct to Building 1 (Site 29-B's Command & Control Center) diagonal to Hangar C the crews led by their JGs filed in to the right entrance halting at the “entry tank” (security holding area) where each was asked to remove their sopping wet parkas, show their Military IDs issued whilst in transit to Lemoore on the Gulfstreams, biometrically scanned from all sides, “wanded” & patted down by SPs & Intelligence NCOs, afterwards told to follow their JGs, don't look around whilst being escorted to Conference Room 3 (“Con-3”) where they’d be further briefed.

Everyone now inside Con-3 the entrance door was locked from outside by an Intelligence NCO standing guard next to it, crews forthwith assigned seating in two rows fronting line of Cosco tables neatly laid out with documents on both sides by the JGs they afterwards sitting perpendicularly right of them. For several minutes nobody spoke, suddenly entering from a left open door everyone spontaneously standing up at attention, JGs saluting, the NAS Commander saying nothing made way center in front of the tables:

"Sorry for being late gentlemen, I am Captain John Dudley Masterson, Commander Naval Air Station Lemoore, the US Navy, the Armed Forces Of The United States, are pleased you are here. Your mission is to fly Preston’s Pride from Mefford Field Airport to here arriving hopefully no later than 3:00 p.m. today. I am the top-most ‘brass hat’ you will be working for, everything, anything needed to accomplish this mission you will be given total cooperation by all personnel at Mefford, Naval Intelligence Commander Rodger Ericson from the Pentagon will now brief you on your Security Clearances.”

he forthwith taking over the presentation whilst Captain Masterson was departing. Speaking earnestly Commander Erickson said issuing such clearances would normally be handled by a lower ranking officer but the civilian B-17 crews were an unusual exception:

“None of you are reserve military some here never having served at all. By law we must explain to all military personnel all potential risks of being subjected to known biohazards while conducting their lawful duties, we cannot say no other biohazards are present aboard Preston’s Pride all personnel working around and inside her have been apprised of potential exposure to unknown biohazards, all agreeing to sign Biohazard Risk Advisories ("biowavers" hereon) acknowledging this. If any of you do not want to risk exposure to potential unknown biohazards you must decide now, you still be required to read & sign your clearances given you know all that’s needed to be known about Preston’s Pride and the fly-out mission, not doing so will put you in risk of being subjected to UCMJ prosecution given all of you by Presidential Order have been impressed into military service.”

Quietly appreciating the gravity of being subjected to potential unknown biohazards the B-17 crews individually weighed them against the need for flying out Preston’s Pride not knowing why she and by extension the Phantom & Heinkel 177 were so damn important to the US Government, after some “pregnant” seconds “Rick” the most senior B-17 pilot asked Navy Intelligence Commander Ericson why Preston’s Pride was:

“We don’t know why, that’s not being flippant! We don’t if she’s even Preston’s Pride! You’d seen all intelligence we have on her, she’s ‘factory fresh’ (condition) logically impossible knowing she was already 13 years old when AMVETS got her in 1958! Either she was brought here (to Earth) whole ‘replacing’ The Real McCoy whole or she’d been ‘miraculously restored’ from inside out either way she’s airworthy and the US Government must understand why and how which is why she’d been officially deemed a ‘National Security Threat’ till we can.”

“This is the one case (situation) where you must ‘trust’ us, yes the US Government, to ‘do the right thing’ trying to figure out the why & how, that’s why this compound (Site 29-B) was set up, corny as this is ‘Uncle Sam Needs You Now’ that’s the unvarnished truth guys!”

Mulling the dead seriousness of Commander Ericson’s reply statement the crews again paused some seconds before saying anything, “breaking the ice” the junior B-17 pilot “Dannie” spoke first; “Why bring two B-17 crews here?” Commander Erickson replying nonchalantly:

“We weren’t sure how may (of you) would not sign the biowavers if enough did we probably could assemble one crew, if both pilots didn’t we’d have to fly her out with a military crew risking crashing her in really bad weather like we’re having now. Flying her out with you guys safer but not cheaper, ‘safe’ always wins if they’re good alternatives (prepping & flying her with experienced ground & air crews)!”

Why not wait till weather cleared asked one of the ground crewmen; Commander Erickson again earnestly replying;

“Keeping her at Mefford (Field Airport) second longer than necessary not knowing all potential dangers puts everybody at risk, military and civilian, we must fly her here ASAP to know whether there are any!”

The crews once again pausing some seconds before saying anything “Rick”, a retired Air Force Major, then spoke up; “I’m in Commander, ‘military’ in me says sign, besides ya’ll out-rank me!” everyone in room spontaneously breaking out in laughter; “Knew you would Major!” Commander Erickson smiling back, “ice broken” the B-17 crews forthwith were escorted both sides of table by the JGs, invited to inspect & sign their respective security clearances & biowavers witnessed & countersigned by the JGs they collecting them for deposit in Building 1's “Records Unit”. With all documents signed the senior JG announced that their assigned mission transporting them from San Diego to Lemoore NAS, enroute Preston’s Pride briefing, overseeing security clearance & biowaver signings & collection was complete Commander Ericson forthwith granting them permission to depart.

Now alone with aircrews Commander Ericson thanked them for signing the documents, enduring indignities having been impressed into military service without notice nor explanations why; “SPs momentarily will be escorting all of you to the compound’s (Site 29-B’s) Sick Bay for medical examinations before being airlifted to Mefford (Field Airport); stopped raining since we’ve been here, sun’s breaking out, looking good all’ sudden, hope flying her (Preston’s Pride to Lemoore NAS) later today is possible!” forthwith signaling four SPs who’d entered from left to escort them there whilst departing Con-3 walking past them, senior Petty Officer 1st Class SP motioning to the crewmen to follow him; “This way gentlemen, we ask you to not look around while being escorted out of the building.” emphasizing again they're inside a Top Secret government facility, senior SP “navigating the labyrinth” crewmembers & other SPs following into the “exit tank” (security holding area), showing their Military IDs, biometrically scanned from all sides, “wanded” & patted down by SPs & Intelligence NCOs, in line walking outside onto Site 29-B’s “Playground” (concrete expanse dubbed by SPs) into wonderfully clear crisp sunny skies, cold front having quickly moved east meantime.

...To Be Continued...
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Piling into LSSVs the B-17 crews forthwith were driven to Site 27-B Building 3. Sickbay Building 3 was unique in sporting extra-wide front doors designed for quickly admitting gurney patients directly into the Emergency Treatment Center left side of building, right side entrance for non-emergency patients, escorted by SPs in two groups all entered on right into the “inbound entry tank” (security holding area, “outbound tank” adjoining left), IDs checked, “wanded” & patted down, escorted into the “VIP” Dressing Room where there two Naval Corpsmen “took vitals” for recording on electronic medical databases opened for the crews. Asked by Corpsmen to remove all clothing & personnel effects, store on hangars & shelves in securable lockers, don medical gowns & slippers, forthwith doing so they then were escorted single-file into an adjacent Examination Room. Adjacent to line of examination booths stood two Marine Corpsmen side-by-side to Coast Guard Public Health Service Medical Doctor Lieutenant Bre LaTour, a highly credentialed practitioner of radiological & bioweapons contamination medicine she spoke first:

“You are here to be physically examined prior to exposure to potential biohazards for control purposes. Corpsmen will now perform them under my supervision, some exanimations will be uncomfortable but necessary, they are exhaustive so let’s proceed now!”

Proceeding systematically albeit slowly by 1:00 p.m. November 13, 2022 all were complete, with Corpsmen assistance each crewman was asked to review their inspection reports & sign them, escorted back into the VIP Dressing Room all then issued standard Navy fatigues to wear; “Don’t y’all have Marine fatigues for this ‘ol Sergeant?” quipped a ground crewman, checking the Site 27-B Wardrobe Inventory on his military smartphone the Marine Corpsman smiled; “Yes we have one your size, no Sergeant stripes though.” he’d replied; “That’ll do Corpsman, maybe I’ll be allowed to keep it as a souvenir later!” he’d smiled, all fatigues donned disposable hazmat jumpsuits & gloves were then slipped over them by the Corpsmen they looking for rips & tears, added security knowing the crews were being exposed to potential biohazards around & within Preston’s Pride.

Whilst hazmat jumpsuits were being slipped on the B-17 crews an Army CH-47 Chinook personnel carrier landed yards from Building 3 for transporting the crewmen to The Ranch, escorted out of the VIP Dressing Room by SPs the crewmen forthwith were waved through the “outbound tank”, security checkpoint & Building B right entrance onto “The Playground” directing them to the Chinook's Rear Cargo Doorway where standing inside were two Army MP Sergeants additionally trained in helicopter loadmastering directing them to perimeter fuselage seating, two Marine Corpsmen with medical equipment next to them commanded by an Air Force Flight Surgeon Major sitting aft port. Despite perfect weather over Lemoore NAS poor weather conditions north of Mefford Field Airport persisted, helicoptering the Chinook to The Ranch delayed 20 minutes, weather conditions still not improving another 15 minute delay was called finally at 1:35 p.m. Navy meteorologists stationed at Lemoore NAS & The Ranch concurring the “GO” signal was given for helicoptering in the B-17 crews.

…To Be Continued…
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