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DKM Wiesbaden, German escort carrier (1/144)
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Back History:

The DKM Wiesbaden was first layed down in 1935, but was never intended to be an aircraft carrier.
It was orriginally constructed as a fast destroyer for the German Navy, but in 1938 was converted into an experimental airacraft carrier to test the systems for the larger carriers Graf Zeppelin & Peter Strasser.

When the larger carriers were built and operational, the Wiesbaden was then being reassigned as a training ship and was based in Norway, to qualify Kriegsmarineflieger pilots for carrier landings, a role it kept up until november 1944.

In januari 1945, Germany was running out of supplies nd resources when the allies taken back most of Eastern-Europe and conquered the oil fields and metal mines. Argentina offered to help the Nazi regime, in exchange for military advisory and equipment and technology. As of April 1945, Germany began to resupply itself as convoys of equipment crossed the Atlantic. However, this was not without risk, as in the first 2 weeks, only 60% of the supplyships reached Germany.

To protect the convoys from the allied navies, the DKM Wiesbaden was reassigned as an escort carrier, a role it wasnt really prepared for as the ship, aside from its aircraft, was unarmed, in a hurry, it was equiped with additonal liferafts and 50cal machine guns. It could carry up to 10 aircraft, mostly naval versions of the Focke-Wuld FW190 and Messerschmitt Bf.109T.

The ship was kept in service until surrender in 1947, when it was to be scuttled. However, the Kriegsmarine failed to sink the ship and it was captured by Soviet troops in the harbour of Le Havre, France. The ship, at the time heavily damaged, was towwed back to russia where it was inducted into the Soviet Navy and used as a trainingship for Soviet naval pilots until 1960.


the ship was built on the hull of a 1/350 scale Bismark (bought at a rumage sale for 50 cents a long time ago), the carrier conversion is scratchbuilt with plasticard, styrene rods and sprue leftovers.


Focke-Wulf FW190T-1

the FW190T-1 was a conversion of the land-based FW190A-8. Up to 60 ex-Luftwaffe aircraft were converted to the T-1 standard in 1943. the aircraft rapidly replaced the Messerschmitt Bf109T-1's and T-2's wich were becoming obsolete. Modifications included folding wings, strengthened airframe, an arrestor hook and a conversion to a fighterbomber standard similar to the FW190F ground attack version. Its armament consisted of 200kg bombs and torpedo's,

Kit: converted revell microwings 1/144 Fw190A-8, torpedo's from a scrapped Heinkel 111.
Decals: kit + leftovers

Focke-Wulf Fw190D-3Tr

When the Kriegsmarineflieger was looking for a new aircraft to supplement the FW190T-1, it wanted a new aircraft that could handle ittself at higher altitudes against the bast allied aircraft, such as the P-51D, Spitfire Mk.14 and the new Hawker Sea Fury. Messerschmitt proposed a carrier version of the jet powered Me262, but for the smaller escort carriers, that didnt have steam catapults this aircraft was too heavy and unfit. Kurt Tank came up with a naval version of the succesfull FW190 Dora version, known as the D-3Tr (Tr standing for Träger (carrier)), the FW190D-3Tr became the best carrier based fighter in the German Kriegsmarine. Over 300 aircraft were ordered and served on almost every German Trägergruppe. As of 1946, the last version, the FW190D-4Tr (based on the FW190D-8 ) replaced the last FW190T-1's. The aircraft served until the end of the war in 1947, a number of captured aircraft continued to serve with the French Aeronavale until 1953.

Kit: Eduard 1/144 FW190D-8, fitted with an arrestor hook.
Decals: OOB

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Re: DKM Wiesbaden, German escort carrier (1/144)
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Damn, that's gorgeous with a great backstory.

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Re: DKM Wiesbaden, German escort carrier (1/144)
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concept is great. The aircraft came out really well at that scale