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Well, can you believe it? Itís been 10 years of the Sprue Lagoon already! It was on Remembrance Day in 2012 that I first sent my site live; I really didnít know how it was going to go or what I wanted to do with it, exactly. Since then, Iíve tried to steer it towards showcasing my own builds, as well as bringing you guys (and gals) out there in the world a look at some interesting, and maybe somewhat offbeat, models.

I like to do the stuff that not everybodyís going to cover, and that usually means weird, old or both!

To celebrate my 10th anniversary, I thought Iíd pull a fairly recent, but definitely odd, acquisition out of the stash. The signpost to mark my first decade is something I can find almost nothing on the internet about, and thatís the Academy ďHistory of TransportationĒ miniature kit giftset! If you ever wanted a Whitmanís SamplerĒ of mini-kits, then this is definitely going to be your bag! And, if you think it isnít your thing, check it out anyway, you might be surprised!

Have I ever let you down? Just think about the Whiffery that could be done on such a small scale, too!

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Re: Academy "History of Transportation" (OOB) - good whiffing potential!
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2022, 05:30:57 AM »
It does have a lot of potential-I would certainly find use for the Astronaut, Radar dish, and the hovercraft. I haven't see this anyplace-is it a fairly current release?