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Miscellaneous projects
« on: June 19, 2022, 10:34:04 AM »
I recently printed my 1/35 flying platform which motivated me to print some other parts that were in my print queue. Resin printing is messy, so I tend to do it in batches.

This run was a mixed bag... I printed a few 1:1 copies of the Venus of Brassempouy which came out pretty good. There's a crack that wasn't visible on the print, so I added it:

I have a free program called MakeHuman which I used to make some 1/35 figures. This was very much a mixed bag. I forgot to add eyes and mouth parts (because I didn't think they'd be visible at this scale) and the results were straight out of a zombie or horror movie:

The standing figures all look awful, including Captain Morgan. The bored guy looking at a computer screen came out OK.
Missing are an old guy sitting on the ground and another guy aiming a gun. Things I learned - the fingers were generally very fragile and broke off - I also think they were too thin, compared to the real people Reed Oak scanned to 1/35. I have to add in the eyes and mouth! The clothing available in MakeHuman isn't very good - they use low polygons for the surfaces and it shows. These figures were printed at 50 microns and the facial features are about as good as high quality injected plastic figures. I think I'll just print heads and hands at 25 - 30 microns, which should greatly improve the quality.

I also printed some radios, speakers, power supplies and handsets. These all came out, except for the rack handles, which were too thin - most broke off. I based it on (but not an exact copy of) the PRC-2092:

Here's a painted copy, next to a 24" LCD monitor I also printed:

I also printed a joystick controller similar to the one used in the M151 CROWS, seen here with some other parts:

I reused the joystick in this controller for the flying platform, which could be repurposed as a CROWS-like controller:

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Re: Miscellaneous projects
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2022, 11:04:57 AM »
Great stuff! But especially love the Venus of Brassempouy as subject matter  :smiley:

Can a diorama of Göbekli Tepe be far behind?  :D
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