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Super build.  Really looks the part :smiley: :smiley:
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by Buzzbomb on Today at 05:11:51 AM »
Really like the Air Defence Marder version.  Very practical
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 03:15:41 AM »
I don't think it looks top heavy at all. I might have reduced the phased array (?) radar cover so that the muzzle blast was forward of it...but that's a minor niggle. The Marder is a *fantastic* hull to base WHIF on. Right up there with the Warrior and Merkava lower hulls.

Looking forward to this build a whole bunch of a lots!
Aero-space / Re: Eurocopter EC665 Tiger/Tigre Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 03:10:57 AM »
Can the Airfix Merlin HC-3 substitute for a NH-90?
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by ChernayaAkula on Today at 02:54:50 AM »
Really like your redesigned/rearmed turret.  :smiley:

The Chinese seem to come up with loads of new anti-air designs both tracked and wheeled, but do they actually make it into production?
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by Ramba on Today at 01:55:21 AM »
Tamiya 1/35  Marder 1A2 and Flakpanzer Gepard kit bash what if air defense/fire suppression vehicle.

I made the Flakpanzer Gepard turret a bit lower profile and sleeker by cutting down the height from the bottom and also cut the front and added a new scratch built section. I also added two M61 20mm guns from the Academy M163 that I got as spare parts off Ebay.

The new redesigned turret test fitted to the Marder 1A2 hull. I made the Flakpanzer Gepard turret sleeker because the original turret looked too top heavy. Even with the new lower profile turret, it still looks a bit top heavy but not nearly as bad as if I left it the original way.

A new Chinese Type 625E air defense vehicle with a 30mm gun and missiles. I would love to see this in 1/35. That turret alone looks awesome and is perfect for some cool what if projects.
Land / Re: M114D (for Diesel)
« Last post by Frank3k on Today at 01:28:09 AM »
Thanks for all the comments! I slapped together an ammo box for the Mk.19:

Here it is in a family portrait with the wheeled M113 and HMMWV guntruck:

I was going to add a couple of figures from the Dragon/DML US Tank Crew, but they're US Army from the first Gulf War. I tried to hide the fact with a Trumpeter USMC camo decal for the uniforms, but it fell apart.
Immediately after receiving Colonel Acheampong’s “permission” to proceed with the HARVEY mission (i.e. the sequence of steps involved) in flying out the 2-2-2T locomotive to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A as planned Major Morant ordered Doctor Kim to send his radtechs & biotechs back to it, finish remaining radiological & biological examinations & tests. Doing so but with trepidation how’d they react to such an order he immediately quizzed all those who’d “worked” on the loco, still rattled over what he’d seen & heard in the firebox Sergeant Martin was hesitant to do so again but nonetheless obeying the order saying to Doctor Kim he’d (Geiger counter) “wand” the firebox again just to overcome fear of what he’d seen & heard in it earlier. Leading the group of seven “techs” back to the locomotive himself Doctor Kim supervised them whilst completing their work, all complete by 4:35 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 they’d returned to their respective “F-Tents” for decontamination examinations afterwards examined for both radiological & biological contamination he’d returned to the Tent F-1 Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center to meet jointly with HARVEY Commander Major June Morant, ENDER detail Commander Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy, Army Medical Corps First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie (“Mae”) Whitman on certifying the locomotive “safe for handling” by Air Force & Army engineers.

Speaking first Lieutenant Whitman said all the Meesons had passed all examinations & tests for radiological & biological contamination, all results of them passed on to Doctor Kim he forthwith concurring with their findings;

“Mae’s team (of radtecs & biotecs) did explementary thorough work under less than ideal clinical conditions worthy of (rank) promotions for all Major McCarthy. I’d LOVE to have her work for me, DO hope you’ll pass on the promotions recommendation to her (Army) Medical Corps superiors, I’ll pass them on in writing (to them) by weeks end!”

Heartedly agreeing Major McCarthy said he’d also forward written recommendations for their promotions by weeks end as well, glancing at Doctor Whitman he’d added;

“Good job Lieutenant! You & ‘the team’ are dismissed, pack up & go home (to Camp Grafton)! Captain Carpenter’s (pilot of McCarthy’s CH-47F Chinook on helicopter Landing Zone 1) been ‘shivering’ in it for hours ready to fly (helicopter) y’all out, I’ll be flying back in (Army Lieutenant Guy) Brooks’ chopper later.”

Dismissed from duty at 4:51 p.m. Lieutenant Whitman group-saluted her superiors, forthwith replying “Thank You Sir” to McCarthy she’d returned to Dormitory Rooms 9 & 10 east side of & adjacent to Jay & Millie Meeson’s house for seasonal farm labor where medical examinations of Meeson family members were conducted, resumed helping her radtech & biotech Sergeant colleagues pack up their materials, equipment & tools for transport to Captain’s Brook’s Chinook. Immediately afterwards jointly conferring with Morant & McCarthy on protocols to be followed for electronically approving his certification of the locomotive being “safe for handling” at 4:53 p.m. Doctor Kim “signed” it first followed by Morant & McCarthy. With its signing Morant’s Air Force & McCarthy’s Army engineers could now move the locomotive out the ”China Tent” to the 20-ton RTCC hundreds of feet north adjacent to the railroad spur, weather permitting it could be loaded aboard Morant’ C-130J Command Ship on Landing Zone 1 & flown out by sundown provided no unexpected new “snags” ala Sergeant Jackson Martin’s “spooky lights” discovery in the locomotive’s firebox earlier within the hour.

…To Be Continued…
Other / Re: Random whiffs you have found
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 08:59:05 PM »
 :smiley: :smiley:
Reminds me the XM274 ARES 75mm heavy autocannon:

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