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Hi Everyone, I'm considering painting the water pistol in the image and need some advice as to prep and what type of paint to use on this plastic. The plastic is shiny and could possibly be some sort of vinyl.
Any help and advice would be gratefully received.


Rust-oleum Painter's Touch 2X works on vinyl (seemingly without surface prep beyond cleaning). And 2X seems to have a larger palette than Krylon's Fusion for Plastic. If 2X isn't available where you are, try seeking out local contractors who repaint vinyl siding - they'll know what brands are available locally.

Are there any markings on or inside the plastic you want to paint that would indicate the type of plastic?
Here's the chart

Some of the plastics are going to be very difficult to paint.

The type of plastic seems to be Polypropylene. Is there any paint anyone can recommend to use on PP?


Krylon Fusion supposedly works on PP, at least if the part isn't heavily handled. Many car bumpers are made with PP, so any paint or primer that works on a bumper should work on the water pistol.


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