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IPMS Nationals 2020

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Dr. YoKai:
 The IPMS webpage still says they're going ahead - last update was April 26th. I confess I am increasingly skeptical that this will actually happen, or even that it should, much as I'd regret missing it.

Agreed, I am now pretty much sure leaving the country will be a no go so will not head over. More is the pity, I hope the guys pull it off.
We cancelled our biggest show here in Australia scheduled in early June before having to pay costs that would not be recoverable the venues.

I have pencilled in the 2021 Show in Las Vegas, or so the web tells me, as a viable alternative.

The Big Gimper:
Via Facebook.

June 10 at 10:08 PM Southlake, TX, United States

Just got the "cleared hot" to transmit from the Texas IPMS guys that are hosting the IPMS Nats this year.
Behold the 2020 IPMS Nats Decal sheet. Texas themed of course!
- 1/72 and 1/48 T-45 Goshawk markings (TW-2 Kingsville, TX)
- 1/24 scale generic Texas Department of Public Safety Markings
- USS Texas/Enterprise Markings

Thanks to Rob Booth for the assist on pulling the subject matter together for this years sheet!

I'll upload the instruction sheets when they get done. Diggin/ that T-45!!!!


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