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Dr. YoKai:
 Seeing Frank's retirement thread reminded me - the IPMS Nationals will be just down the road from me in San Marcos, Texas. I normally
make it to the Austin show every year, but this is too good to pass up as it will only be about an hour away.
Here's the official link:

That's just a few hours down the road from me, right tempting, that.  <quizzical look> I think it would be a four hour, or so, drive down I-35 and, as much trouble as flying is for me (getting cooled meds through TSA is always a pain), driving is rather more tempting.

I will be there.  About a 20+ hour drive for me but that gives me the opportunity to stop at a few places along the way and bring more stuff with me than flying.

Besides, I am the new 1st VP so I kinda have to go.

I sooooo wanted to come over this year as I have not done the US Nationals yet. I am being conspired against (coronavirus pandemic aside) by the other half and few other events. Not totally dead, but the trip is certainly on life support.

I have drawn a line in the sand for Las Vegas 2021 as the event to get to.

Dr Yo.. it would have been great to see you again.

Hang, there is a blip on the monitor.  :o

Some changes in plan here may have opened the gate to actually getting over this year. Plotting resumes

Phil, I think I have met you at Wonderfest many years back.


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