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Old Wombat:
Hi All!

Link to my photo's from the Expo:

A few of my favourites;

Brian da Basher:
Many thanks for posting those!

I enjoy show pics and attending virtually.

God bless the Anzacs,

Brian da Basher

P.S. There's some incredible models on display and I found the RE-8 "Harry Tate" most impressive:

I like there's a separate category for Rigged Aircraft.

P.P.S. This B-36 was built by a teenager, just amazing:

Old Wombat:
Yep, BdB, a 14 year old lad.

One last image from me from the show (there is another set of photo's up in the SmugMug album);


Nice Stuff Guy, thanks for posting

Old Wombat:
Not a problem, BT! :smiley:


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