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Profile artwork from Osprey's Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces

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Happy New Year all!

Last year I completed the illustrations for Osprey's Aircraft of the Aces #114 on Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces, written by Nicholas Millman of Since the book has meanwhile been published, I'd like to show you a few samples.

Research by Nick and myself.

All images Osprey Publishing.

Ki-61-I Otsu of the 78th Sentai:

Ki-61-I Tei of the 244th Sentai

Detail of the score board:

This graphic gives you an idea of the amount of research that goes into each profile:

Ki-61-I Hei of the 56th Sentai:

Colourful Ki-100-I Otsu of Akeno's 111th Sentai:

Ki-100-I Otsu of the 5th Sentai:

A close-up of the tail unit and "Nine-headed Dragon" inscription:

A Ki-100-I Ko of the 59th Sentai with P-51 victory marking under the cockpit and 3rd Chutai markings on both vertical and horizontal tail planes:

Sample line drawing of a Ki-100-I Otsu:

For those who are on Facebook, I have an artwork page at and a group dedicated to the Ki-61/100 at

Many thanks for looking!

Ronnie Olsthoorn

Wow! Gorgeous work  :-*

^ Wot he said!  :)

Really tempted to get some Ki-100 kit now.

Excellent work!

They look superb. Did you do any whiffs and can they be viewed on any other site as I'm not on Facebook?


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