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redress of a Turtledove tank I did a while ago. I tried to enter it into the World of Tanks 'design a german tank' contest but didn't get anything. Frankly the whole contest was a joke. Everything after 2nd place was just ridiculous.

My Long Beach / Ticonderoga mashup

The Brigand from Crimson Skies but in USN colors.

And the Devastator mk2 to go along with it.

Welcome to BTS Wyrmshadow. I follow your pictures on Sky-Club and Whifcraft group over on D/A, glad you could post the pointer to your YT gallery.

nice stuff, wyrmshadow
                      like your Crimson Skies planes :)

The "German Tank" looks good for a '46 Panther-III  -- only bad points are the toothed rear-idler / front-sprocket (or is it rear-drive ?) and the turret blocks the driver's & co-ax' hatches.  Turret-basket's a nice touch.
Those Lee / Sherman tanks are the best -- you should also post these in the Land Inspiration thread ! :P


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