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World Model Expo - Eindhoven 2022


Click image to see gallery of sorts.

Some outstanding work.

Old Wombat:
A lot of absolutely stunning work! 8) :icon_alabanza:

Lots of good stuff on display there!  :smiley:
Event sponsored by IKEA, it seems.  ;D Tertial - loved by modellers the world over. Got four on my modelling desk myself.

Naked Ho 229 has a fascinating look. Real-world subject, what-if steampunk design or something out of Ma.K.? (too aerodynamic for WH40k)
Also really like the Italian "Forestale" Skycrane.  :-*


--- Quote from: ChernayaAkula on July 09, 2022, 09:12:58 AM ---Event sponsored by IKEA, it seems. 

--- End quote ---

Them folks are getting fiesty.


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