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SdKfz. 238 / 9 - TreibPanzer.


Since 1939 the series of 8x8 armoured cars were improved, each becoming larger than the previous version.  In late 1946 the SdKfz.234 was replaced with a new vehicle - as it was based on the body of the armoured assault railcar mounting two Pz-IV turrets (the "Triebwagen"), it was called the TreibPanzer (roaming Panzer).  Two versions were built - an 8x8 one for autobahn use and a cross-country version with laufwerk (tracks).  Due to the aerial superiority of the Allied forces, a few were equipped with the "FlakRakette" which proved less of a deterrent to the rocket-firing fighters than a tracer-firing gun so it was replaced with an open quad-flak gun on the cut-down rear platform.


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