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Two Websites I Found For Inspiration


The other night I was looking up something related to the anime Agent Aika because of a few of the fictional aircraft shown and I found this, The Internet Movie Plane Database also known as the IMPDb. I found that it lists nearly all of the aircraft seen on movies or TV since the silent movie days. It also includes some anime items as well but not that much as anime still has a stigma. That said, it does, for example, have pics of nearly every aircraft shown in the TV show Emergency. Even if an airplane was just seen in the background it was probably shown and commented on. I'm starting to go through it for ideas since there has been a recent upswing in civil owned planes are being released. The address for the site is here...

 The second site is the Internet Movie Firearms Database or IMFDb. Like the previous one, this lists nearly all weapons used in movies and TV all the way back to the silent era. This one also covers every type of weapon from the very first matchlocks to the latest device in Sci-Fi. I've been using this site for ideas concerning a story I've been writing but I just started using it for ideas concerning a couple of dioramas I've been thinking of doing. Anyway, here's the address for this site as well...

I hope this helps others out as much as it has for me. I also found a similar site for automobiles but I don't have that much interest in that subject. I never looked for a database on watercraft but if there are ones like I've already found I'm sure that someone will have created one.

Jeffry Fontaine:
There is another Wiki page devoted to weapons used in film and television shows called the Internet Movie Firearms Data Base that is another useful reference source. 


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