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Inside the Armour
« on: July 25, 2013, 07:31:48 AM »
Inside the Armour has released several conversion kits for the Churchill tank.  The most recent conversion is kit number 35083 to convert the AFV Club Churchill in to the Ardeer Aggie armed with the very large recoilless demolition gun.  Scheduled release date is 20130723.

Link to product announcement at Military Models: Inside The Armour Churchill Ardeer Aggie Conversion (For Any AFV Club Churchill)
Click on html or thumbnail below.

Another product announcement at PMMS for this Inside the Armour Churchill conversion

To be honest, I thought at first glance that someone had decided to try converting a Churchill tank into a gaming piece for WarHammer40K but that proved to be my own ignorance on the subject.  Turns out the British Army did experiment with a huge recoiless demolition gun that was mounted on the Churchill but it appears to have been a prototype only.  Still a very impressive looking vehicle with that huge gun tube.   
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