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Mec Models
« on: May 27, 2013, 12:36:57 PM »
Mec Models in the Netherlands is a relatively new company producing resin accessories and decals for military vehicles of the Vietnam War period. 

One of their more recent offerings caught my eye at PMMS.  It is a 1:35th scale CONEX Container.  CONEX is an abbreviation for CONtainer EXpress).  These things served for many years as storage containers for vehicle equipment and other items that needed protection from the weather or theft by individuals too lazy to fill out the necessary forms to obtain replacement parts for through their own unit logisitics contact and resorted to what was termed "midnight requisitions" from other units that failed to secure their property to prevent such losses from occurring.  I suppose I digress a bit but by the time I joined the Army most CONEX containers had performed several lifetimes of use and were often relegated to a unit for static storage and were never actually used for their original purpose. 

Mec Models 1:35th scale Resin CONEX Container (kit number FB-CC01)

(Image source: Mec Models)

I often thought of how nice it would be to see a scale model of the CONEX container and now there is one available and the price seems reasonable if you ignore the postage. 

Link to an image or two at PMMS for the Mec Models CONEX Container
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