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Please someone...make these decals!!!

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To compliment the Dear Model Company, I would like you to release a kit of... thread, I thought I would also start a thread for Decal wish lists.  Hopefully some of these might be a little easier to satisfy.

To start with I Soooooo.... want a set of decals similar to the 'Roundels' on this:

Another I wouldn't mind decals for is from the latest Turkish Turkish F-4E Simsek :

Regarding the Turkish Phantom, Hi-Decal may have something for you! LINK! Don't know whether they've been released yet, though.


Feldmarschall Zod:
I would love to see in 1/35,1/48.and 1/72 US military bumper codes in yellow drab,green,or even blue drab. These would be great low visability markings.


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