Author Topic: 1/35th scale German Tank Killer Team "Berlin Sewer" [Warriors Scale Models]  (Read 682 times)

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$20 + USPS Postage CONUS

Not my build but so you folks get the jist

I thought the 3"x3" base was perfect for displaying smaller vehicle builds, and if someone doesn't snap this up I might use it for a motorcycle / sidecar build.

Originally acquired for a Grozny scene but I never painted up my Chechen sappers,  The one really innovative thing the Chechens did during their defense of Grozny was use the old copper-wire telephone system (which the Soviets have built through the sewers) to hardwire into command detonated mines (now called IEDs) at vital intersections and buildings.

This was the same trick the Soviet SPECOPS guys used as they fell back in front of the Nazis in 1941 - at times, waiting until the Germans set up a HQ operation in a building before blowing it up real good.


German Tank Killer Team "Berlin Sewer", Warriors 35013 (

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