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Will portable airbrushes take over? I think so.

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The Rat:
If you don't have a spray booth (looks in mirror) the portability means that you just walk outside and do what you need to do.

I got mine today and the air valve doesn't work (air flows continuously). I attached my Iwata HP-C and it works well. Modest air flow, but not bad - ideal for its intended use.

I took the air valve apart and it's missing the o-ring that all other air valves of this design have... so nothing to really block the air holes. I contacted the company to see what they suggest. If they can't provide a replacement air valve, I'll return it to Amazon for a working one.

The company replied and said "that's normal operation!" that's total BS. I returned it to Amazon and I'm getting this one instead.

I too have one of these setups, very similar to what Frank has ordered, the second time. I tend to use it rarely, but it very handy for quick squirt at a club build day.

Technology will advance to where I reckon that these will largely replace the traditional compressor setup. Outside of spraying a 1/16 tank the capacity of the air compressor is mostly adequate for our needs. Just toss the $15 Airbrush that comes with them or put it aside as a metallics only airbrush if it works ok

I just got the second one and it not only works as expected, it comes with a spare battery (not clear on the Amazon page).  Big improvement over the first one.

The pressure is fixed at 20 psi, which is fine. I haven't tried the airbrush yet, but my Iwata works well. It's a little noisier than the first one, but it comes with a short length of hose. The manual is better (not that it matters).


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