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Other / a Möbius band of Viscounts, yellow : hybrid aircraft/animals e.a.
« Last post by ericr on June 24, 2019, 04:21:32 AM »
you may have seen this picture already (by M.C. Escher) :

and I have in my stash a lot (relatively huge lot) of very cheap kits of 1/144 Viscounts :

Floaty GB: 1 Jun - 31 Aug / Re: LBC ( Landing Barge Catering )
« Last post by tigercat on June 24, 2019, 03:10:10 AM »
Floaty GB: 1 Jun - 31 Aug / Re: LBC ( Landing Barge Catering )
« Last post by tigercat on June 24, 2019, 03:08:33 AM »
Floaty GB: 1 Jun - 31 Aug / LBC ( Landing Barge Catering )
« Last post by tigercat on June 24, 2019, 02:04:57 AM »
Just got a new book about Landing Barges .  " Those Wallowing Beauties" This is inspired by that.
Aero-space / 1/72 Sopwith 'Snoopy' Sesquiplane
« Last post by Brian da Basher on June 23, 2019, 11:04:19 PM »

While it's well known that the Fokker Dr. I of Red Baron fame started life as an attempt to copy the the Sopwith "Tripe", it's been forgotten that this process worked in reverse.

After the debacle that was Bloody April, the RFC asked for a fighter that could match the German Albatrosses responsible for most of the carnage.

Four companies submitted sesquiplane designs but the Sopwith firm was first off the mark with a prototype.

Unfortunately, there were issues with the motor-mounts for the license-produced Gnome Roan rotary engine (post-war New Zealand versions were known as the Hobbit) and test-flights were postponed until an answer to the excessive vibration could be found.

Fortunately one of the true geniuses of the age was able to come up with a solution.

Adding motor-mount rocker-arms coated with gutta-percha eliminated the shaking and if high-test fuel was used, this also made for an incredibly quiet ride.

So quiet in fact that it was jokingly said the new 'plane could get close enough to the enemy to snoop on their conversations. The aircraft would be henceforth unknown as the Snoopy even though it came out a good four decades prior to the famous comic strip.

Agility was enhanced by installing ailerons on both wings. The Snoopy had half the horsepower and armament of the Albatros D.III, but was more maneuverable and far quieter, especially above 15,000 ft.

Ace James McCudden stated "When it came to stealth, the Sopwith Snoopy could turnip before the Hun even noticed anyone was there... it was a remarkably quiet machine for general all-round flying. It was so extremely light and silent that after a little practice one could almost land it in a library."

Excited at the Snoopy's potential, no time was wasted in getting the prototype to the front where it could be tested under combat conditions. Sadly, results were less than promising.

The upper wing lacked a cut-out and upward visibility was somewhat limited but there were plans to correct this in subsequent models.

However, the march of progress would quickly over-take the Snoopy and better aircraft such as the "Tripe" would be ordered into production instead.

Nothing remains of the Sopwith Snoopy sesquiplane today except this Regretasus short-run kit of which only one is known to have ever been built.

To this day the so-called "experts" refuse to believe the Snoopy ever was and insist the whole story is just a dog of comic proportions.

This is the 1/72 Revell Sopwith Tripe kit with upper wing from an Avia B 534. The engine, cowling & prop were from a Nieuport 28. The model was brush-painted by hand in acrylics, Poly Scale Hopper Beige and a custom PC 10 mix along with Model Masters Primer Gray up front and Insignia Red on the cowling. Model Masters Sloth Brown was used for the wood accent and the struts were painted Dark Earth. The model was rigged with thin wire and white glue. Many thanks to Bill for his kindness in sending me the kit. I couldn't have done it without him!

Brian da Basher
Had another try and saw the problem, At the beginning for about a blink of the eye, it starts with the electric motor video, but jumps to the next video in the list. If I click on the back button it goes to the electric motor video. Not sure why it's jumping like that.
Thanks guys, I have the post-op appointment on Wednesday so hopefully I get some good news ---
Other / Re: Just some cool photos...nothing more, nothing less...
« Last post by The Big Gimper on June 23, 2019, 09:27:22 PM »
Ian Black @BlickyIan
Lightning flash back - me in the middle - Capetown around 2009 ?

A little less talk and a lot more action!
Fuselage is assembled.

Apoxiesculpt is applied to the nose to fill in the gun and FLIR locations.

I had to add three lead buckshot under the cockpit floor to help it stand on the skids. I removed the RHAW antenna and IR device. There is a chaff dispenser under the fuselage I'll remove next. The real Firewatch Cobra has all weapons equipment removed to save weight.
I found photos of Cobras being used by the Forest Services of Florida and Washington.

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