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easy rust
« on: November 08, 2015, 03:26:47 AM »
Hi all I was asked on another forum to do this tutorial and thought it may be usefull here too. Firstly let me say I'm not saying I'm good at this or that isnt any of my own ideas (well apart from the plastic ageing)all the rust techneques I use here have been used by others, perhaps not all at the same time or combined with other thchneques, I was asked by juno to do a tutorial on my methods so here it is, hope it is of some use.
Firstly this is old spare parts and I am going to spray the overall top colour black, simply because I think it will show the effect off best, first I paint the rust colour on the part roughly where I want the rust,

If I want blistering bubbles in the paint I use pva glue and a cocktail stick.

please excuse the blured pic, its difficult to use the camera whilst applying the glue, I allow that to dry

then apply a few more dabs around and on that one and allow those to dry

next I use sea salt in a grinder (you get more uneven grain sizes than table salt

Now there are 2 methods you can use now, water, or hair spray

the bottom one is just water which is applied where you want the rust only the top part I applied the hairspray all over it (I decant the hairspry into a lid from the can so if I wanted I could only apply it where the rust is, I've done it all over on the top piece I will explain why in the next step)

now wee sprinkle the salt all over whilst everything is still wet. then allow it to dry.

then we spray it all black< you can see from the water one that some of the salt has already fell off

now we brush all the loose salt off

that is as far as you can go with removing paint on the water and salt one, however with some warm water and a stiff brush you could also remove all the black paint from the hairspray part if you wanted to, the advantage of this method is if the salying has not shown enough rust you can show more like this.

The next stage (this wont work on the hairspray one ) is to use some cellulose thinners

I like to use the dirty thinners I clean my brushes in as it helps with the staining , I also have a special brush with very few bristles left so it cant hold much, I literally shake the tin and whats in the lid is what I use(WARNING THIS MELTS PLASTIC BE CAREFUL)

I literally just run it down the seams to give the rust tracking you get.

Here endeth the rusting